DNC Chairwoman Debbie “the carp” Wasserman-Shultz who has come under fire recently for her foray into the politics of the vagina (the bread and butter for Team Hillary) by saying that younger women are “complacent” over abortion, is facing a primary challenger. The wild-haired, squeaky south Florida shrew has enraged many liberals and progressives with her blatant and ongoing efforts to rig the process to ensure that Queen Hillary faces no opposition on the way to her coronation next summer in Philly. Last night’s ‘debate’ is a perfect example of the Dem establishment’s thumb on the scale for the Clintons in that it was aired on a Sunday night – after the NFL playoffs – and received virtually no promotion although it’s hard to imagine anyone actually watching that expulsion of dishonest vomit anyway. Wasserman-Schultz actually defended the timing saying with a straight face that it was intended to “maximize” exposure for the candidates.  Now for the first time ever “the carp” will be looking to avoid getting primaried.

As reported by The Hill in the story “In primary challenge, Wasserman Schultz faces unprecedented test”:

For Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), the problems with the left just keep coming.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) chief has infuriated many Democrats with her handling of the party’s presidential primary debates. She drew further howls from liberals for deeming a whole generation of young women “complacent” about their abortion freedoms.

And now she’s facing a primary challenge from a liberal Wall Street reformer who says she’s a corporate shill detached from her district.

The challenge highlights the difficulty facing Wasserman Schultz as she juggles her dual roles as Florida representative and head of the DNC — duties that sometimes come into conflict.

Timothy Canova, a professor at the Shepard Broad College of Law in Florida’s Nova Southeastern University, says Wasserman Schultz’s positions on trade, criminal justice, consumer protection and drug policy reform — among others — are evidence that she’s sold out to corporate interests at the expense of her constituents.

It marks the first primary challenge to Wasserman Schultz since her arrival on Capitol Hill in 2005.

Canova launched his bid last week on a platform that pulls more than a few pages from that of populist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), the Democratic presidential hopeful who’s waged a surprisingly strong challenge to front-runner Hillary Clinton by attacking from the left.

In that mold, Canova is vowing to fight President Obama’s trade agenda, reform the criminal justice system, rein in big banks and curtail the influence of money in politics — all issues where he sees Wasserman Schultz as vulnerable.

“People here on the ground — I hear left and right, you name it — are just dissatisfied that she’s not responsive, she takes people for granted, and it’s becoming evident in the way she votes on an awful lot of issues,” Canova said Friday by phone.

“She takes a lot of corporate money, and she votes for corporate interests contrary to the interest of her own constituents.”

But of course Wasserman-Schultz takes “lots of corporate money”, she’s a whore and were she not a high-rolling member of the political elite doing it for the Democratic party she would probably be blowing obese Canadian tourists down on South Beach – it’s just indicative of her nature . Mr. Canova’s insurgent effort is playing into the general anti-establishment mood among voters that has seen billionaire outsider Donald Trump rocket to the top of GOP polls and Bernie Sanders running surprisingly strong against Mrs. Clinton. The voters in Florida’s 23rd Congressional District can do all of America a favor and flush this turd before the November elections.