In another case of a very stupid criminal being his own worst enemy a Florida dognapper was arrested after peddling a stolen puppy for drugs. The perp, a 38 year old white trash crack monkey walked out of a pet store with a $1,600 Yorkie that he proceeded to swap for a rock. Wayne Junior Barfield who resembles the emaciated scarecrow played by Christian Bale in the movie “The Machinist” was caught on surveillance video stealing the animal.

As reported by the Tampa Bay Times “Yorkie puppy swiped from Largo store, traded for crack cocaine, police say”:

The 2-pound Yorkshire terrier had been in the store only an hour before a man took her to the back, stuffed her down his sweater and walked out the front door.

Bridget Royal, kennel manager at All About Puppies was snapping photos of the new, pint-sized puppy Jan. 12 for a potential buyer when a man walked up asking about her.

How much is the puppy? he asked. Does the store offer financing for the dogs?

She answered his questions and moved on while he milled about.

A few minutes later, the puppy, worth about $1,600, was gone.

On Friday, 38-year-old Wayne Junior Barfield was arrested in connection with the puppy theft.

Case closed — save one detail.

“(Authorities) found the guy,” Royal said, “but where’s the puppy?”

Largo police say the day the puppy went missing, Barfield was driven to a shopping plaza on Fourth Street N in St. Petersburg near a Winn-Dixie and Dunkin’ Donuts, where he traded the puppy for crack cocaine and cash.

He acknowledged giving the dog to someone but would not reveal to whom, police say.

The Yorkie is microchipped, and the chip information is entered as stolen in state and national computer databases. Any veterinarian checking the microchip will be alerted to the dog’s stolen status, police say.

Barfield remained in jail Tuesday, facing a charge of grand theft.

“Surveillance video captured Wayne placing the puppy into the front of his clothing,” according to his arrest report. Then he left the store, puppy concealed, without paying.

Royal said she’s worried for the dog’s well-being.


But the story has a happy ending, the missing puppy has been found and Barfield should be able to ride the crack wagon and go cold turkey for a while in the local hoosegow.