John Ellis Bush aka Jeb! – or as some smartasses have dubbed him Jebbyfish – is doing little to shed his wimp image by dragging his mommy into his political battles. Barbara Bush who has flip-flopped after once saying that America has “had enough Bushes” in the White House is joining the now full scale effort to resuscitate Bush v.3’s doomstruck campaign. Mommy has made a video and written a letter that is being circulated to prospective Iowa voters as the caucuses approach issuing a plea that her sonny boy has all the makings to be a “great president”. It is a sign of the utter tone-deafness of the establishment and particularly Team Jeb that they didn’t anticipate that such a move would open their candidate to ridicule from the mean old Donald Trump who pounced on the video like a starved Rottweiler going after a pork chop.

Coming from anti-Trump central propaganda transmission station located in the nation’s snowed in capital city, the Washington Post reports on the latest development in the story “Donald Trump just dragged Jeb Bush’s ‘mommy’ into their fight”:

The months-long feud between Donald Trump and Jeb Bush went to a whole new place on Friday night as the GOP front-runner needled the former Florida governor for recruiting his “mommy,” former first lady Barbara Bush, to help promote her son’s candidacy.

It began with a new video message and handwritten letter by the Bush family matriarch that is being sent to voters in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. In the video, she says that “When push comes to shove people are going to realize Jeb has real solutions, rather than talking about how popular they are, how great they are.”

That’s seen as subtle knock at Trump and other GOP rivals, but — as we’ve seen so many other times over the course of this campaign — even the slightest of knocks doesn’t go unnoticed by the New York real estate magnate.


The latest Twitter tit-for-tat came on the same day that Bush criticized the Republican National Committee for dropping the National Review magazine as a co-sponsor of a late February debate. The GOP dropped the conservative publication from the debate on Thursday after it published a series of essays criticizing Trump and labeling him dangerous to the future of American conservatism.

“I think that they would have all of these distinguished journalists and thought leaders of the conservative cause join together to say that Donald Trump is not a conservative — they’re just telling the truth,” he told Fox News Channel.

“It was the wrong thing to do. Donald Trump needs to defend why he was supportive of Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton, why he gave money to the foundation, why he gave money to her campaign,” he added.

Even as Bush has sunk in the polls, Trump continued to pick away at him, and he rarely gets through a campaign rally or television interview without taking at least one if not several jabs at Bush. Trump often prefaces these attacks with the disclaimer that he really shouldn’t pick on someone who is doing so poorly in the polls.

Jebbyfish refers to the National Review special edition smearfest devoted to kicking Trump in the balls, a gaggle of so-called conservatives largely comprised of neocons, loons, RINOs and sell-outs that was touted as being the silver bullet to slay Trumpzilla but in actuality already looks to be about as effective as a flaccid dick. Still, the once prominent New York based opinion rag founded by William F. Buckley and it’s array of Trump haters shows that the establishment is still clinging to the Bush restoration and come hell or high water will take the battle all the way to the convention. They can trot out poor, pathetic old Barbara Bush with her walker to help make the case that a third Bush presidency is critical in protecting the nation from the existential threat that is the Trump revolution.