The Des Moines Register has officially endorsed Hillary Rodham-Clinton and Marco Rubio in advance of the massively over-hyped Iowa caucuses. The liberal leaning newspaper previously called for GOP front-runner Donald Trump to drop outand “pull the plug on his bloviating side show” back in July during the John McCain “war hero” controversy. The establishment threw everything at him but the kitchen sink then and failed miserably, it has pursued him like Captain Ahab after the devil whale ever since.

Politico reports on the coveted endorsement in the story “Iowa’s Des Moines Register endorses Clinton, Rubio”:

Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Marco Rubio on Saturday won the endorsement of the Des Moines Register, the most prominent daily newspaper in Iowa, with just over a week until voters caucus on Feb. 1 and begin the process of selecting their parties’ presidential nominees.

In the dual editorials, the paper said Democrat voters had “one outstanding candidate deserving of their support,” citing Clinton’s “depth” of “knowledge and experience” and her ability to work across party lines as a New York senator, while stating that the “whip smart” Rubio could “chart a new direction” for the GOP.

The paper’s editorial board acknowledged that Clinton is “not a perfect candidate,” detailing her email furor and changing stance on gay marriage and immigration, but argued she was much the more qualified candidate than both Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley. Of Rubio, the paper argued that he still faces questions over his experience and ability to unite the party, but that he could offer above other GOP contenders “an uplifting message ‘of a new American century.’

Both campaigns quickly blasted out the respective editorials in emails to their supporters.


The biggest benefit from an endorsement would likely occur outside of Iowa, argued one veteran Iowa Republican strategist. For Rubio — who is seeking to run as an establishment-oriented alternative to Trump or Cruz — the endorsement could signal to voters in New Hampshire and more moderate enclaves that establishment Republicans are coalescing behind him.

The endorsement enables him to say ‘I’m the establishment pick,’ and yeah, that’s going to be really valuable,” the strategist said. “That campaign is going to try to use it to say, ‘Look at me East Coasters, this is the beginning of the meshing of the establishment behind me.”

It is noteworthy that Politico lets it slip that while the paper’s blessing may not do dashing young Marco any good in the Hawkeye State that it is a sure sign that the establishment will now be mustering all resources behind him going forward. As inconceivable as it is, the big money may be about to give up the ghost on Jeb!, a front page story in Sunday’s “Jebio” friendly Tampa Bay Times posits that he may soon have to – GASP – step down. The demagogic Rubio has always been the chosen one to the neocon intelligentsia and when considering that their ideological roots sprang from communist Leon Trotsky, perhaps they see more than a hint of a youthful Fidel Castro in la cucaracha. The reference in Politico’s piece to Rubio and a“new American century” is a veritable smoking gun with William Kristol’s fingerprints on it.

The Des-Moines Register may have just hit upon the Democratic Party dream ticket with Clinton-Rubio.