The staunchest defender of America’s imperial city of bloodsuckers, the Washington Post is in full blown panic mode now. With the ranting fossilized socialist Bernie Sanders nipping at Queen Hillary’s heels and Donald Trump about ready to run away with the GOP nomination a full mobilization of presstitutes, laptop warriors, think-tank fatheads, moonlighting cable TV guest hosts and sleazy propagandists is taking place. The nexus of bile is at the Fred Hiatt led WAPO editorial page which yesterday published a blistering hot pro-Hillary piece denouncing Sanders, an expansion of the ongoing war on Trump that also sees the Bern as a threat to the elite’s sacred cows and golden calves. There have been some truly abominable columns penned in opposition of the billionaire outsider but none quite as insipid as the diseased and depraved jeremiad by the unhinged Dana Milbank exploiting Holocaust survivors in order to paint Trump as the second coming of Adolf Hitler.

Milbank who is Jewish and has recently used his Judaism as a shield from behind which he hurled sleazy accusations of anti-Semitism toward Trump supporters, is taking full advantage of Holocaust Remembrance Day to dabble in dark propaganda that exceeds even that of villians like Joseph Goebbels and Julius Streicher. Milbank’s heinous and pathetic attempt to use aging victims of the real Nazis is entitled “In the age of Trump, grim warnings from Holocaust survivors”from which I excerpt:

International Holocaust Remembrance Day is always a somber time for Auschwitz survivor Irene Weiss. But this year’s observance had an additional layer of grief: For the first time, Weiss is worried about her adopted homeland.

“I am exceptionally concerned about demagogues,” the 85-year-old Weiss told me at Wednesday’s commemoration at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. “They touch me in a place that I remember. I know their influence and, unfortunately, I know how receptive audiences are to demagogues and what it leads to.”

She knows better than just about any person alive. The Czech-born Jew lost her parents and most of her siblings in Hitler’s death camps. Now, when she hears about plans to register Muslims and to ban Muslims from entering the United States, “I’m worried about the tone of this country,” she said.

To Weiss, the ugly political environment in 2016 has an ominous precedent in Weimar Germany. “It has echoes, and maybe more so to me than to native-born Americans,” she said after lighting a candle for Hitler’s victims. “I’m scared. I don’t like the trend. I don’t like how many people are applauding when they hear these demagogues. It can turn.”

This year’s Holocaust remembrance comes at a time when Donald Trump, the front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination, retweets to his nearly 6 million followers a message from @WhiteGenocideTM based in “Jewmerica,” and a time when his nearest challenger, Ted Cruz, brandishes the endorsement of a minister who says Hitler was a “hunter” sent after the Jews by God. There has never been a more important time for Americans to heed the moral authority of the Holocaust survivors still among us.

“It’s really frightening,” said Al Munzer, hidden as an infant in the Netherlands with a Dutch family and their Muslim nanny. “When you see these mass rallies that Trump is able to attract, you really wonder: How are they buying into this message of hate?”

Munzer, who lost two sisters and his father to the Nazis, said he never thought such things could happen in America, but now he’s not so sure. “Thinking that Germany was somehow unique is wrong,” he said.

You can read @Milbank’s disgraceful foray into places where no decent ‘journalist’ should ever go in it’s putrescent entirety here.

The Trump-Nazi comparisons have already been made, most prominently by Wall Street parasite turned Ohio Governor/Republican presidential candidate John Kasich who ran ads playing on the words of Pastor Martin Niemöller, but there has never been anything quite like what Milbank has just done. So blinded is the man by his pathological hatred of Trump that he has just trivialized one of the most abominable periods in human history as well as brought great dishonor upon the six million Jews who were murdered by the REAL Hitler – he might as well just spit on their graves. This is demagogy and vile slander at it’s very worst and should be denounced by all – especially American Jewish groups like the ADL and AIPAC. Just imagine the hysteria if a conservative would have made a similar comparison and trotted out elderly victims of the Nazis just to score cheap political points and promote an agenda. When guys like Milbank pull horseshit like this it only serves to reinforce anti-Semitic stereotypes like Jews control the media.