While the GOP establishment and all of the high-rolling special interests that it serves are perplexed to no end over the Trump revolution, the reason for the uprising of the peasants is evident to all but the blind. The seeds of the backlash against the party elite were sown back in November 2014 when voters were promised that a big turnout to return control of the Senate to the Republican party would result in a halt to the Obama agenda. Conservatives did their part and delivered a stinging defeat to the blue jackass party at the polls but once their votes had been counted the rat bastard entrenched racketeers immediately put both Mitch McConnell and John Boehner right back into their “leadership” positions where they promptly went to work cutting deals with El Presidente.

That was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back and culminated in the stunning rejection of John Ellis Bush aka Jeb! who was the all but formally crowned as the 2016 presidential nominee. Now even as pitchforks and torches are selling like hotcakes the message has not been received by Congress as “Kentucky Kickback” Mitch along with the exalted bipartisan superhero Paul Ryan will be paying a visit to the crimelord Obama’s crib this week like the old Chicago politicos once did with Al Capone.

As reported by Reuters “Obama to meet with Republicans Ryan, McConnell next week: White House”:

President Barack Obama will meet for the first time on Tuesday with Speaker Paul Ryan, the top Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives, to discuss budget priorities and ways to work together this year, the White House said on Friday.

The get-together with Ryan, which also will include Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, will provide a gauge of how much or how little legislative common ground the three leaders share as Obama completes his final year in office.

“We certainly believe that there are areas of cooperation for the year ahead,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said.

It will be Obama’s first formal face-to-face meeting with Ryan since he was elected speaker three months ago.

“While the House is focused on a bold agenda for 2017, the speaker appreciates the opportunity to see if we can find any areas of common ground in the year ahead,” Doug Andres, a spokesman for Ryan, said.

During a closed-door meeting on Thursday with Democratic lawmakers, Obama said he does not expect Congress to get much done this year, according to an aide who was in the room.

The White House has said there are only a few items on Obama’s legislative wish-list that have any chance of passing through the Republican-controlled Congress. They include reforming mandatory minimum prison sentences for non-violent drug offenses and taking steps to address an epidemic of heroin addiction and prescription drug abuse.

Obama also wants Congress to approve the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, but he faces resistance from Democratic lawmakers concerned about the TPP’s impact on jobs and the environment.

With the Iran nuclear deal already completed Obama will be looking to move heaven and earth to get the job-killing stab in the back Trans-Pacific Partnership aka Obamatrade crammed right up the asses of unsuspecting Americans and Ryan and McConnell are both fully on board with the big screwjob. The two vassals of Wall Street and the Chamber of Commerce will be working to get all of the formalities out of the way and then wait until AFTER the election to implement the TPP which Barry will then sign into law right before leaving office, once again leaving Americans to foot the bill.