Billionaire outsider Donald Trump, a man who has led in polls for over seven months is toast, finished and kaput – at least according to the establishment press. There is a stampede to shovel dirt on the Donald’s political grave after he lost to Ted Cruz in Iowa and a strong showing by the Moses of the new Republican party Marco Rubio nearly beat him out for second place. There was an incredibly smug sense of satisfaction on Tuesday morning from the usual suspects at the damned liberal New York Times and the neocon infested Washington Post and the mouthy gaggle of so-called “experts” who have been wrong about everything up until Monday are basking in the warmth of a belated vindication.

The triumphalism was everywhere, a sampling of headlines reads like this: “Donors are Already Giving Up on Donald Trump” via the Daily Beast, “Rivals Look to New Hampshire for a Shot at Breaking Donald Trump’s Stride” in the New York Times, “Ted Cruz does the country a favor by beating Donald Trump in Iowa” from the LA Times and even the silly “Peyton Manning cost Donald Trump a win in Iowa”on sports site SB Nation. Pathological Trump haters like the WAPO’s Jennifer Rubin“Trump is just another loser tonight in Iowa” to the NYT’s David Brooks “Donald Trump Isn’t Real” were in rare form as their long awaited chance to gloat finally arrived.

Nobody however bothered to break the bad news to Trump himself who is already raising Hell in New Hampshire, a state where he has a commanding lead in polls.

As reported by the Washington Post “In a return to New Hampshire, Donald Trump returns to form”:

Donald Trump returned to New Hampshire on Tuesday night with the stakes as high as ever for his presidential campaign, determined to showcase his political resilience after his second-place finish in the Iowa caucuses and rouse his supporters with a rally that was a raucous return to form.

There was swagger, curses and confidence, and thousands of people packed into an athletic center, all bundled up in winter coats and many toting signs.

Speaking for more than 55 minutes, Trump revived the talking points that have defined his campaign: He slammed former Florida governor Jeb Bush. He promised to crack down on illegal immigration, build a wall on the border and bring back jobs from overseas. He criticized career politicians and accused them of selling their influence.

And the crowd roared when he cursed as he pledged to aggressively target Islamic State terrorists. “If we are attacked, somebody attacks us, wouldn’t you rather have Trump as president if we’re attacked?” he asked. “We’ll beat the [expletive] out of them.”

But first came a little reflection — and a few digs at the pundits who have described the Iowa victory by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) as a humbling and disappointing moment for the mogul.

“I think we had a very good result yesterday. It could have been a little bit better, could have been one notch better,” Trump said at a news conference here. “They say, ‘Oh, couldn’t you have done better?’ But I think the result was quite good, especially for the amount of time I spent and the amount of money I spent.”

When given an opening to knock Iowans, Trump resisted. “Great people,” he said. “They are terrific people.” He expressed confidence that he would do well in next week’s New Hampshire primary, which he said “probably suits me better.”

Trump is right, New Hampshire does suit him “better” as does the rest of the country now that the strange and overly hyped fixation on Iowa – a state totally unrepresentative of the nation as a whole – and it’s arcane caucuses are in the rear view mirror. Trump did blow it in the Hawkeye State, his ground game was severely lacking and he focused too much on attacking Cruz paying no attention to Rubio who was the best hope of the establishment and caught him from behind.

The media has danced on Trump’s grave many times before Iowa and should be careful to not pop the champagne corks too soon.