Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, the prototype of the new breed of establishment friendly Republican that the media adores is calling for angry conservatives to get their asses in line pronto. Now that the insurgent presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s previously impregnable armor has been pierced it’s time for all Republicans to climb aboard the Marco Rubio express. The amnesty and Obamatrade pimping Ryan has already housebroken the ornery rabble that drove his predecessor John Boehner to crying jags and alcohol binges and wants everyone to forget all about McCain and Mitt and learn to love Marco. Even a longtime take no prisoners hardass like Rush Limbaugh has come around on the dashing young“Kennedyesque” Latino.

Ryan followed up his lunch with Emperor Obama by invoking Mel Gibson in“Braveheart” during a speech before the Heritage Action Policy Summit. The corporate mouthpiece made it clear that the expectation is for those who may be thinking of independence from the Washington machine to get their head right and their asses back onto the reservation. As is also popular he pointed a finger at Tea Party conservatives who may harbor the heretical idea of getting behind a Ted Cruz or Donald Trump presidential push.

The Washington Post reports on the treacherous Ryan’s latest moves in the story“Paul Ryan tells conservatives: It’s time to ‘unite the clans’”:

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan made his latest attempt Wednesday to keep the Republican Party united amid a fractious presidential nominating contest, calling on conservatives to be “inspirational” and “inclusive” in a keynote speech delivered to this year’s Heritage Action Policy Summit.

“To quote William Wallace in “Braveheart,” we have to unite the clans,” Ryan said.

The speech hit many of the same themes that Ryan has repeatedly sought to emphasize — the need for Republicans to rally around a positive vision, the pursuit of a “confident America,” and the twin imperatives of being both realistic and visionary.

But Wednesday’s speech was notable both for its audience — the annual Heritage summit, which helps set the tone for conservative policymaking on Capitol Hill — and for Ryan’s call to end the GOP infighting that made 2015 a treacherous year for Republican lawmakers, including former speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio).

Ryan on Wednesday implored conservatives not to “take the bait” offered by President Obama and other Democrats, who he said would be intent on exploiting the GOP’s divisions in an election year.

“Let’s not fight over tactics. Don’t impugn people’s motives,” Ryan said. “We have to be straight with each other, and more importantly, we have to be straight with the American people. We can’t promise that we can repeal Obamacare when a guy with the last name Obama is still our president. All that does is, it sets us up for failure and disappointment and recriminations.”

He continued: “When voices in the conservative movement demand things that they know that we can’t achieve with a Democrat in the White House all it does is depress our base and, in turn, help Democrats stay in the White House. We can’t do that anymore. It won’t work.”

Those words were both a subtle rebuke to Boehner and other Republican leaders — not to mention Heritage itself — who raised expectations, especially during the 2014 campaign cycle, for the ability of a GOP-controlled Congress to reverse the Democratic policy gains made under Obama. But they were also a plea for understanding and cooperation from Ryan, who is faced with managing the same internal divisions as Boehner did before his October resignation.

Ryan’s calls for unity are really a call for conservatives to forget the great betrayal of November 2014 and accept compromise or in other words: stop your fucking whining and eat your goddamned broccoli. There is a lot of work that needs to be done to complete the Wall Street-Chamber of Commerce agenda and the most critical of all is the passage of the American sovereignty shredding, job murdering Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). The big special interests that own imperial Washington – and Paul Ryan – demand it. Obama has committed to this big sellout of Americans along with his lackeys in Congress and all that needs to be done is close the deal however renegades like Donald Trump are a monkey wrench in the gears. It’s Ryan’s job to help Obama with wrapping it all up before sending El Presidente packing to a live of million dollar speeches as a reward for his service and a taxpayer subsidized life of luxury and golfing.

Look for the push for “unifying the clans” or in layman’s terms – sucking up and selling out to continue until Barry is able to affix his signature on the dotted line after the elections and just before leaving office.