As the old Brit Samuel Johnson once famously remarked that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel the same could be said for 9/11 being a safe harbor for the Bush crime family. John Ellis Bush aka Jeb! appears to be making his long-anticipated comeback as the chosen one of the Republican establishment starting with the upcoming South Carolina primary. The beginning of Bush’s political resurrection took place in front of a raucous stacked audience at the latest GOP debate in Greeneville on Saturday night. The Palmetto State has long been a firewall for the Republican establishment and never has it been as important as this year with the Battle of the Bulge effort to beat back the Trump revolution.

Team Bush has been banking on rolling out Jebbie’s brother Dubya in a massive advertising blitz to remind voters that he kept America safe – after September 11, 2001 that is. With the hysterical Sunday morning television queen Lindsey Graham having already broken from the neocons and endorsed Mr. Bush instead of the wind-up talking Cuban love doll Marco Rubio it’s all in for the Bush restoration. But Donald Trump has’t become the front-runner for being a shrinking violet and he marched into the lion’s den last night and dared to utter some of the most of vile blasphemies imaginable.

Politico reports that “Trump crosses the 9/11 Line”:

‘If it doesn’t backfire, then it will be official; nothing can stop him,’ GOP strategist says.

Jeb Bush’s campaign thinks George W. Bush is their not-so-secret weapon in next Saturday’s pivotal primary. Donald Trump couldn’t care less.

Holding a 20-point lead in the state over his nearest rival with a week to go, Trump blasted the former president for the national security record his brother’s campaign plans to tout, blaming him not just for the Iraq War but for the 9/11 terror attacks.

“The World Trade Center came down during your brother’s reign. Remember that,” Trump said to the former Florida governor, prompting a long, contentious back-and-forth.

Our Principles PAC, launched last month with the purpose of attacking Trump, is preparing to blanket South Carolina’s airwaves with a new ad featuring Trump’s past statement that impeaching George W. Bush “would have been a good thing.”
“I think most South Carolinians understand what President Bush did to protect our country and know that 9/11 was no fault of his and they appreciate what he did over those eight years to respond and keep us safe,” said Glenn McCall, one of South Carolina’s RNC committeeman, in the spin room after the two-hour debate here.

That’s what Bush’s team is hoping for. Public and private polls show Bush running in a distant fourth place in South Carolina, a state where another lackluster showing could be crippling for his campaign. Following the debate, Senator Lindsey Graham, Bush’s top surrogate in the stage, was effusive in praising his debate performance.

“He had the guts to stand up to a bully,” Graham said. “This is clearly getting under Donald Trump’s skin. I hope the people of South Carolina will send a message to Donald Trump that we don’t like Putin, we like W.”

The Bushies are counting on South Carolina voters being gullible enough to fall for a potent cocktail of fear and nostalgia lead by Mr. Mission Accomplished himself who will stump with his brother this week. But however unpopular it may be for many conservatives to accept – 9/11 DID happen on Bush 43’s watch and as Harry Truman put it in an era of more personal responsibility “the buck stops here”. History did not begin on the morning of 9/12 and while the iconic image of then President Bush standing atop a pile of debris with a bullhorn endures, people tend to forget that he spent the majority of the day of the attacks flying around the country like a pussy instead of showing leadership in a time of great national need. Trump also had the audacity to call out Bush’s invasion of Iraq as a disaster based on lies but were it not for the toppling of Bush family foe Saddam Hussein then the dumpster fire that was ripe for Obama to make even worse would not have existed nor would the climate that spawned ISIS.

Bush family surrogates will spend the week working hard to recapture that post-9/11 political lightning in a bottle as well as smear Trump as a dangerous anti-American leftist who would expose the country to peril if nominated. There will also be plenty of the political black ops that the Bushes are famous for in South Carolina. Push polls and whisper campaigns like the one back in 2000 about John McCain’s secret illegitimate black child that sank his campaign and allowed Karl Rove to easily chop off the old man’s balls to deliver the nomination to Bush. As the swishy Senator Graham alluded there will be inevitable efforts to paint Trump as being a Putin enabler and if history is any guide, perhaps even his closet homosexual lover. It’s just the way that the Bushies roll.

The primary will take place this upcoming Saturday and if the Bushes get their way it will be back to the future.