After being shellacked by an aging socialist utopian in New Hampshire it isn’t looking good for the Clinton dynasty as the state of Nevada may now be in peril. Queen Hillary once took the state for granted to the extent that it was referred to as her “firewall” but recent polls are showing old Bernie nipping at her heels like a hound from Hell. It wasn’t supposed to be like this for the Clinton restoration as Bill and Hillary, Socks the cat and Chelsea would be returning to the White House, purloined “W” keys and all.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the inauguration ball in that prospective voters have found Mrs. Clinton to be every bit – if not even more – unlikeable as she was when she got “schlonged” by then Senator Barack Obama back in 2008. The Clinton campaign is now downplaying expectations by claiming that she is feeling the Bern in what is still a state that is made up of “80 percent white voters”, a charge that isn’t sitting well with former Nevada Gaming Commissioner turned US Senator Harry Reid.

The Washington Post reports on the restiveness in the Clinton bunker in the story “In Nevada, a tightening race threatens Clinton’s post-New Hampshire ‘firewall’”:

Less than a week before the Nevada caucuses, Hillary Clinton’s political nightmare came to the Origin India restaurant near the Las Vegas Strip. More than 100 activists were packed between a curry buffet and a canvas sign for Bernie Sanders. They talked. They made caucus commitments. They cheered as a “multi-ethnic coalition” of speakers asked them to dump the long-time Democratic presidential front-runner.

“She had the same information as Bernie, and she voted for the war in Iraq,” said Vicenta Montoya, an immigration lawyer. “She supported a wall along the border. And while she was secretary of state, she did absolutely nothing to alleviate the hardship of people separated from their families.”

“The white Americans have already shown the momentum in Iowa and New Hampshire,” said Zaffar Iqbal, a doctor and member of Muslims for Bernie. “Now is the turn for Nevada to stand up.”

Until quite recently, Clinton’s campaign saw Nevada as a chance for a face-saving victory after an anticipated defeat in New Hampshire. But that defeat turned into a trouncing. Now, the Sanders campaign is trying to prove that she can be beaten anywhere. Nevada, where he is facing off against organized labor leaders and a Latino-heavy electorate, has become the first test.

Clinton’s hopes rested on her overwhelming advantage among voters of color — part of a “firewall” her aides have claimed in many states that follow overwhelmingly white Iowa and New Hampshire on the electoral calendar. Sanders, however, is betting that his appeal among young and working-class voters, revealed so dramatically in New Hampshire, is now strong enough to transcend race.

Nevada is a chance to disprove “this firewall fantasy that the Clinton campaign has put out there,” said Jeff Weaver, Sanders’s campaign manager. “If we do well, it destroys that myth.”

But Sanders is also appealing to other demographics as per the WAPO which has to taste like a mouthful of sulfuric acid to the Medusa of the Democratic party because she was absolutely counting on all of those non-white voters to deliver her the White House. Hillary’s troubles come despite the efforts of Slick Willie, the dab-dancin’, sax-playin’, pussy-lipped mac daddy with the crooked crank who has long boasted of being the nation’s “first black president” hitting the campaign trail and talking up how we are ALL of a “mixed race”. But apparently the shtick isn’t selling in Nevada even if Hillary does have the sex workers from some of the state’s legalized brothels out stumping for her.

Another Sanders victory will only serve to reinforce the narrative that the Clinton’s time has passed and that the only way that she is going to win the nomination is by rigging the game.

Tweet by Michael Krieger of the always excellent blog Liberty Blitzkrieg