It was probably always a really bad idea for the RNC and head honcho Reince Priebus to call for aspiring presidential candidates to sign off on a loyalty pledge that smacks of something that Joseph Stalin himself would demand. For one it sends the wrong message in that the GOP really is a “big tent” when it comes to dissenting views outside of the entrenched party establishment because that isn’t the case. Secondly, it was a panic move designed to compel the force of nature that is Donald Trump to disavow a third party run that could have been catastrophic for the status quo. Trump did sign the pledge, a move that at the time had many gloating that it was signing his own “death warrant”.  Now with the entire establishment going to battle stations in order to stop the Trump revolution dead in it’s tracks in South Carolina the Donald has come out and claimed that the party elite is in violation of their own stupid pledge.

As reported by Breitbart News “Debate Debacle: Donald Trump Declares RNC in ‘Default of Their Pledge’”:

During a Monday afternoon campaign appearance in South Carolina, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump declared the Republican National Committee in “default of their pledge.” Here’s the full quote:

But what happened is that some of the college kids sold their [debate tickets] to the special interests for good money, they made a couple of bucks, I don’t blame them. But the RNC does a terrible job. A terrible job. And just remember what I said, remember in this room: I signed a pledge, but it’s a double-edged pledge. As far as I’m concerned, they’re in default of their pledge.

According to Ali Vitali at NBC News, Trump is referring specifically to the “terrible job” the RNC did when it comes to those invited to the primary debates. The State adds, “Trump said the debate audience was stacked with lobbyists and big Republican donors.”

The “pledge” in question is the one Trump signed last year agreeing not to run as a third-party candidate. In exchange, however, the Party agreed to a level playing field.

Later that same day at a South Carolina town hall covered by Breitbart’s Alex Swoyer, Trump repeated his assertion that “the pledge isn’t being honored by the RNC.”

The debate audience Saturday night was a disgrace, a stacked deck against Trump that behaved like a bunch a children at a high school basketball game. Trump was relentlessly and loudly interrupted with boos, even before he could finish his first sentence. Establishment favorites Jeb Bush and Sen. Marco were just as loudly cheered.

The audience not only made the Republican Party look childish and not ready to lead, it was a terrible strategic move on the audience’s part. During the debate, the audience made Trump look the Establishment Fighter his supporters love.

And now this audience has handed Trump a valid reason to violate the pledge he signed not to run as a third party candidate. There is no question the RNC did not play fair here, and a level playing field was the deal.

Trump has finally had enough after Saturday’s venomous GOP debate in which he was ruthlessly and relentlessly attacked in front of what was a stacked audience – it was just the logical extension of how the debates have been used against the billionaire insurgent. Saturday’s debate was a brutal scrum akin to a steel cage death match that drove establishment lackey John Kasich to mumbling “Jeez-O-man” as the candidates went Medieval on Trump who returned their fire with relish. It was another debate ambush and finally a bridge too far for Trump who is now calling out the RNC over it’s treacherous game.

Trump also threatened a lawsuit against Ted Cruz who is clearly the last fallback candidate of the establishment and a sign that they would all sooner get landslided in the general election by Hillary Clinton than let Trump win their nomination. This all could get really ugly very quickly as the sleazy professional politicos are about to find out that they climbed into bed with their worst nightmare – a hugely successful and patriotic businessman who has his own money and doesn’t have to play by their rules. We may be about to witness a long-overdue collision between honest free enterprise and a corrupt, rigged system that nobody has ever had the wherewithal – let alone the brass balls – to challenge.

With the ongoing troubles of Queen Hillary as well as the GOPe’s war on Trump a third party run right now could be the thing that finally breaks the back of those who have hijacked our system as a means to make themselves rich and powerful. The pledge was always a very bad deal for Trump – as well as for the American people – and Priebus and his ilk now appear to have been hoisted upon their own petard.

This has the potential to get really ugly now…