The woman who drove ole Dixie down has unsurprisingly endorsed Marco Rubio for president. Nimrata Nikki Randhawa or as she now known – Nikki Haley – threw her weight behind the “Kennedyesque” fresh face of the new illegal immigrant friendly, big government loving, all-inclusive Republican party of the new American century. While Haley was never going to endorse front-runner Donald Trump it is another punch in the solar plexus to former golden boy John Ellis Bush aka Jeb! who has been basking in the glow of Palmetto State Senator Lindsey Graham’s blessing as he seeks to claw his way back into relevance with a good showing in Saturday’s primary. Rubio has enjoyed quite the resurgence after he was exposed as a talking point spewing empty suit at the New Hampshire debate, a state where he was clobbered but the establishment media rapidly went to work trying to dispel the notion that the Marcobot was a callow Cuban dunce. The prized Haley endorsement will likely bolster his hopes for a second place finish in the primary.

As reported by Columbia’s newspaper The State “Gov. Haley endorsing Rubio for president”:

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio will win South Carolina’s most Republican coveted endorsement of the 2016 presidential race when Gov. Nikki Haley announces her support at a Chapin rally on Wednesday evening, a source with knowledge of the governor’s decision told The State.

Haley, the state’s most popular GOP politician in polls, has decided to back the establishment candidate considered to be in best position to challenge Republican front-runners Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who has shared advice on education issues with the governor and helped her raise money for her re-election bid in 2014, also was considered a top contender to win Haley’s endorsement.

But he has lagged in recent S.C. polls, falling to fifth in the six-candidate GOP field. Rubio sits third.

Haley’s decision was a bit of a reversal in the past day. The governor told reporters Tuesday that she had not made up her mind on who to back in the 2016 race.

She endorsed Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential race. While the former Massachusetts governor won the GOP nomination, he lost the S.C. primary to former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich, breaking the state’s three-decade streak of voting for the candidate who landed on the November ballot.

Haley has become a favorite to make vice presidential short lists after her handling of last year’s Charleston shooting and successful call to remove the Confederate flag from the S.C. State House grounds. She gave the Republican response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union last month.

The RNC’s elevation of Haley and Rubio with their twin inspirational tales of being the children of immigrants shows the cynical machinations of Reince Priebus and the other power brokers who could give the Democrats a run for their money in the dark art of identity politics. A Cuban and an Indian may be a nice sop to the big boys at the Chamber of Commerce and on Wall Street but it’s going to be a tough sell with conservatives who have been around long enough to know bullshit when they smell it.

Joining Haley in placing the crown upon Prince Marco’s perpetually sweating noggin is Congressman Trey Gowdy aka the man who pissed away millions in taxpayer money and couldn’t come within miles of nailing the pathologically criminal Hillary Clinton. Gowdy has been in the bag for Team Rubio since he joined him on the campaign trail to troll for rubes in Iowa, delivering the most celebrated third place finish in all of political history. The all talk and no action Benghazi blowhard went on Fox News where he dismissed Trump supporters with a wave of his hand and predicted that conservatives will soon shut up and get back on the reservation to support the electable Rubio.

Rubio has to be clicking his heels today after the shitty way that his week began, especially when that laughably“>shameless ad that ripped off Ronald Reagan’s famous “Morning in America” was exposed as having been partially filmed in Canada. Haley’s gold-plated nod to Rubio could open the floodgates as more establishment types look to slow the Trump revolution once and for all this weekend.