What’s the difference between GOP front-runner Donald Trump and liberal gadfly Michael Moore? At least blonde bombshell media bimbo Megyn Kelly will roll out the red carpet for the morbidly obese Democrat on Fox’s the Kelly File. The wailing over the indignity of Trump’s horrific blasphemy of George W. Bush is reaching new levels of shrillness. The queen of Sunday morning McNews shows, Senator Lindsey Graham has gotten some play for popping off the sound bite comparing the two and the others are also picking it up.

Graham’s umbrage is understandable, he has never been able to get over Trump’s winning of a pissing contest with his significant other John McCain last summer. While the entire Republican party establishment and it’s media presstitutes tried to rally the public around the flag-draped old coot, the six-term Arizona fossil isn’t exactly a revered figure with the base and the ginned up controversy fizzled out. It’s a far different story when it comes to Bush 43 though because nothing quite says America like a dynastic family’s divine right of restoration to the throne does.

CNN reports that “Donald Trump’s GOP foes: He sounds like Michael Moore”:

Jeb Bush was the latest Republican presidential candidate to compare rival Donald Trump to liberal filmmaker Michael Moore on “CBS This Morning” on Tuesday, in response to Trump’s criticism of George W. Bush’s handling of the Iraq War.

“I don’t get it,” Bush said. “He’s basically bearing the words of Michael Moore in a Republican Primary.”

Bush is not the only politician to compare the business mogul to the left-leaning filmmaker. During an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America on Monday, Bush ally and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham called Trump, “The Michael Moore of the Republican Party.”

Republican candidate and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz also compared the two during a stop in South Carolina Monday.

“When Trump sided with MoveOn.org and Michael Moore and the fever swamp left-wing, that demonstrated where he was coming from,” Cruz said.

Moore’s political documentary “Fahrenheit 9/11” famously criticized the Bush administration’s involvement in the Iraq War.

The thing though is that everyone is like Michael Moore to the Palmetto State princess who has never met a war that he wouldn’t shill for American mothers to sacrifice their sons and daughters in just so he can get his rocks off as a defense industry pimp. As far as Jeb! goes what can he say? He can’t exactly denounce Dubya’s Iraq dumpster fire any more than he can disown his vastly more charismatic older brother. Lots of people outside of the rotund loudmouth Moore weren’t down with Bush’s detour into modern Mesopotamia and Trump is spot on that it only destabilized the region and left a favorable climate for Obama and his triad of ass-kicking but really dumb bitches Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power and Susan Rice to make it even worse. We all would have been far better off leaving Saddam Hussein in power because despite his being a vicious dictator he at least knew well enough to feed Islamic extremists into the meatgrinder – literally – and there would be no ISIS today.

The Bushies are really reaching now…