The Bush restoration appears to be destined for history’s scrap heap as voters prepare to go to the polls in South Carolina. Jeb! looks to be on the brink of suffering a crushing defeat, the victim of his own shitty political skills and a country that is giving the middle finger to the idea of political dynasties. John Ellis Bush who only scant months ago was the establishment’s sure thing has been beaten to a bloody pulp by the hated usurper Donald Trump and even more painfully, shanked in the back by the ambitious young Cuban who he took under his wing. The final indignity being when South Carolina Governor Nikki “take down that flag” Haley endorsed Marco Rubio this week, driving Team Jeb! into a dark spiral of despair. One Bush loyalist described it as a “kick in the balls”.

Politico reports on the bleak mood inside the Buush bunker in the story “Bush machine running on fumes”:

Some of Jeb Bush’s most steadfast allies think Saturday might be the end.

Donors, who poured millions into his campaign and super PAC, have stopped giving — one refusing a direct request to raise $1 million this week. Bush himself is hitting the phones, pleading for patience with his most influential supporters. And even some of his confidants are suddenly dejected after a dispiriting week capped off by South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley rejecting Bush in favor of Marco Rubio.

“What a kick in the balls,” said one of Bush’s closest supporters, one of the more than a dozen major Bush donors interviewed for this story.

The Bush team had been banking on a strong week, believing their candidate’s first solid debate performance last weekend would move the numbers in South Carolina.

But none of it panned out.

“The Haley endorsement just hurt,” said a Florida-based fundraiser who is close to Bush and had up to now remained optimistic about his chances. “We felt we had some momentum after New Hampshire. And Jeb was feeling good about his brother. But it wasn’t as good as we thought it would be. Then this happened.”

It’s so pathetic that one almost has to pity Mr. Bush who barring some miracle like the last minute revelation of some sordid Rubio sex scandal is about to get his ticket punched to Palookaville. Jeb! Can take some solace in his own endorsement from Palmetto State Senator Lindsey Graham but outside of the Sunday morning talk shows the dude can’t even pull one percent in his own doomed run for the a White House.