With the Bush dynasty’s long era of entitlement now fading into history those accustomed to buying influence are about to shower Marco Rubio with dirty money. The sweating new face of the GOP establishment will be able to literally swim in the graft like old Scrooge McDuck in his money bin as funding for the coming tsunami of anti-Trump propaganda will hit record levels. Much to the delight of neocons like William Kristol and the Beltway elite the second place finish in South Carolina primary, Nikki Haley as a likely running mate and the prospect of a malleable dunce in the White House has Rubio’s stock on the way to lofty blue chip status.

As reported by Reuters “Wealthy donors drawn to Rubio White House bid after Bush drops out”:

Within minutes of Jeb Bush dropping out of the presidential race Saturday night, some of his donors were preparing to throw their financial support behind Marco Rubio, who has emerged as the strongest candidate among the establishment wing of the party.

“Jeb’s network is already naturally migrating to Marco,” said Gaylord Hughey, a top Bush fundraiser from Texas, echoing what four other top donors told Reuters. “It’s the clear path.”

“It’s a stampede,” added another donor, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he wanted to give Bush some time after dropping out before he went public with his support of Rubio, the U.S. senator from Florida.

Three other Bush donors, who declined to be named, also said they now planned to support Rubio.

Although he has failed to win any of the first three nominating contests, Rubio is considered by many political strategists as the best positioned to challenge frontrunner Donald Trump, a billionaire political outsider, and Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who has campaigned on an anti-Washington message.

The likelihood that some of Bush’s deep-pocketed donors will back Rubio comes at an opportune time for his candidacy, as he heads into a series of contests in March that will be crucial for building momentum.

Brian Ballard, who raised money for Bush last year but switched allegiances last summer to Rubio, said: “It’s flooding tonight. Ninety-five percent of Jeb’s money is going to end up with Marco.”

The pathetic remnants of what was not that long ago America’s reigning political royal family had barely finished his surrender speech when the young Turks of the Rubio revolution were working the phones. It was reported by the damned liberalNew York Times that:

As soon as the polls closed in South Carolina on Saturday night, Mr. Rubio’s supporters began firing off emails to Mr. Bush’s backers, many of whom they had remained in close contact with over the last few months in anticipation of Mr. Bush’s campaign ending.

Some of Mr. Rubio’s associates circulated data points from recent polls showing that he would defeat Mr. Trump if the Republican contest narrowed to a two-man race. Others were more blunt, arguing that their differences with Mr. Bush were never about him personally but instead rooted in their belief that Mr. Rubio was the only candidate in the race with the broad appeal to beat the Democrats in the general election.

“We’ll see how it plays out,” Mr. Rubio said early Sunday as he was boarding a flight from South Carolina to Tennessee, which holds its primary as part of the Super Tuesday slate and is a place where Mr. Rubio hopes to pick up crucial delegates. “We feel like a lot of people that were on Jeb’s team are people we’re going welcome onto our team, people we’ve known for a long time.”

It’s understandable that the big money behind Jeb! would go to the establishment candidate and with only John “Trump’s a Nazi” Kasich left after Mr. Bush voted himself off of the island that’s Marco. One might question the wisdom of scavenging poor Jebbie’s campaign for talent in consideration of just how badly that the once inevitable next POTUS did. A series of blunders, miscalculations, gaffes, running away from his infamous brother – and then embracing him – slogan changes as well as being clubbed like a baby seal by the front-runner Trump isn’t indicative of the crème de la crème of consultants.

The most important thing though is that the always ambitious Rubio has made no secret that he is for sale to the highest – or for that matter any – bidder. It’s how he was able to emerge as the great brown hope of the new GOP despite having done absolutely nothing in the US Senate.