The Trump revolution ventured westward on Tuesday, decisively won Nevada and is now heading into Super Tuesday with a full head of steam. The GOP front-runner nearly doubled up establishment golden boy Marco Rubio and the floundering Ted Cruz and much to the dismay of many, he may already be unstoppable. More troubling to the entrenched elite though is that he easily won the all-important Latino vote, a blow to America’s favorite Cuban and ironically the fruition of RNC head Reince Priebus’s dreams of growing the party with the Hispanic demographic. Trump’s strength with Latinos – which he predicted – is the most ominous development yet for an establishment that is hanging on by it’s fingernails.

According to The Hill “Entrance poll: Trump wins with Nevada Hispanics”:

Donald Trump won among Hispanic voters in Nevada, according to entrance polls released from Tuesday night’s caucuses, fulfilling an oft-repeated campaign pledge.

The GOP presidential front-runner, who coasted to an easy victory in the Silver State, won 44 percent of the Hispanic vote, according to MSNBC’s entrance polls, topping Marco Rubio’s 29 percent and Ted Cruz’s 18 percent.

Both Rubio and Cruz are Cuban-American.

Entrance polls are not always precise, but Trump used the news to bolster his claims that he’s attracting a broad coalition of support as he addressed his supporters in a victory speech Tuesday night.

“You know what I am really happy about? I’ve been saying it for a long time: 46 percent with Hispanics, No 1. with Hispanics,” he said.

Trump has received significant criticism from Hispanic organizations for his harsh rhetoric on immigration and for saying most Mexican immigrants bring rape and other crime to the U.S.

Polls throughout the fall showed Trump with a dismal favorability rating among Hispanics nationally. But despite those numbers and the blowback that he’s faced, Trump has repeatedly pledged that he would win over Hispanic voters.

It’s starting to look like the Trump may actually win the nomination honestly and that the best laid plans of the party bosses, the favor-seeking big donors and the mercenary media may already have gone up like a flaming bag of dogshit. If Trump continues his tear through Super Tuesday the only thing left would be that brokered convention that has been whispered about and may now be unavoidable as the establishment’s last stand.