It was expected that the entitled Hillary Clinton would begin whining about persecution at some point during the 2016 campaign but not this early in the game. Facing surprisingly strong competition from Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders – although she has the delegate game rigged – the Democrats’ glorious gift to voters is already throwing a bitch fit. Huffing and puffing over calls to release transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street fat cats like the high-rollers at Goldman Sachs, Clinton stamped her feet and cried foul when the question was posed during CNN’s Democratic party town hall on Tuesday.

Politico reports on the defensive reaction to a question on the story “Clinton: ‘Why is there one standard for me and not for everybody else?’”:

Hillary Clinton pushed back on questions over the transcripts of her paid speeches during a televised Democratic town hall Tuesday, asking, “Why is there one standard for me and not for everybody else?”

The former secretary of state has been criticized for her paid speeches, including three for Goldman Sachs that earned her $675,000. During a town hall in Nevada last week, she said she would release transcripts of the speeches “when everybody else does the same.”

Clinton echoed that promise again during CNN’s town hall on Tuesday, saying she’d release the speeches “if everybody does it, and that includes the Republicans.”

Bernie Sanders weighed in on the transcripts during his appearance on the town hall, which came before Clinton’s.

“I have not had a paid speech; it’s against the law to give paid speeches [if you’re a sitting senator]. I have given some speeches. The money was donated,” Sanders told moderator Chris Cuomo. “But what Secretary Clinton said, I will do it if other people will do it. I am happy to release all of my pages to Wall Street. Here it is, Chris — there ain’t none. I don’t do that. I don’t get speakers fees from Goldman Sachs.”

The stacked audience applauded Mrs. Clinton’s question, barking and clapping like a pack of trained seals right on cue. What Hillary is doing though is trotting out a straw man to distract from the fact that she has always been cozy with Wall Street. Her entire campaign is steeped in dishonesty and at the rate things are going with afederal judge having just ruled that her aides – including Huma Abedin – can be made to testify under oath about that mysterious email server that looms like the Sword of Damocles over Clinton’s and the Democratic party’s heads.

Hillary’s argument is that Republicans are also on the take when it comes to the Wall Street banksters – note Ted Cruz’s undeclared loan from Goldman Sachs as well as the big gambling houses’ quiet backing of establishment darling Marco Rubio – but all that it really amounts to is an open admission that she is just another whore whose influence is for sale. No matter how much whining that Clinton does – and there will be plenty to come – it is an essential truth that she is a huge part of the problem and no part of the solution and decent folks should shun her as if she has leprosy.