For a very brief time this afternoon the Washington Post seemed stunned into silence over New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s surprise endorsement of Donald Trump for president. The newspaper – the preeminent anti-Trump megaphone in America – had been trumpeting Marco Rubio’s debate dominance and gloating that the worm had finally turned for an establishment that had been gripped by panic for months. Then the news broke it was all too predictable that the first primal shriek would come from hardcore neocon Rubio slurper Jennifer Rubin, a screeching wail of anger and betrayal along the lines of Hitler’s demagogy about being stabbed in the back that was a key piece of the narrative inciting ordinary Germans to go mad on a historically infamous level.

Rubin railed over the heinous pissing on Prince Marco’s parade in the deranged rant “Chris Christie’s Despicable Endorsement of Trump” from which I excerpt:

I have probably interviewed New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie more times for more hours than any journalist outside New Jersey. I’ve known him since he started running for governor in 2008. You can understand my shock then when a man who claimed to be serious about public service, who ran on concrete policies and a serious national security platform and who seemed genuinely concerned about an unqualified person becoming president would embrace a know-nothing buffoon like Donald Trump.

Whether damning Trump for ignorance about Vladimir Putin, ridiculing Trump’s idea to ban Muslims coming into the United States or disparaging his other goofy ideas and lack of presidential temperament, Christie made clear that Trump was unfit to be commander in chief. Christie posed as the serious grown-up in this race on national security. That was the essence of his case to the American people.

In fact, after months and months of careful coaching by outside foreign policy experts, his initial gaffes (e.g. “occupied territories” was how he referred to the West Bank) stopped and he became proficient on national security. One former adviser told me he “absolutely” would never have helped Christie had he known he would endorse Trump. He said of Christie’s endorsement, “It’s an absolute disgrace.” It is exactly that, because Christie knows better.


No matter how cynical one becomes about politics, it seems never to be enough. One hopes that with this irresponsible, soulless act, Christie’s career comes to an end. He may well go down in history as the Republican most responsible for undercutting serious Republican presidential candidates and helping to elect Democrats whose policies endanger U.S. national security. Shame on him.

Rubin’s poison pen has never been more ablaze because Trump has once again played the media like a Stradivarius and the Christie announcement blows up the Marco-mentum propaganda surge before it begins. Rubin’s – and the neocons’ – sweaty Cuban cabana boy heartthrob may have ‘won’ Thursday’s rigged debate along with it’s stacked audience, duplicitous moderators and RNC thumb on the scale but Trump has again won the media war. Just as he did after ginned-up hysteria over the flag-swaddled old coot John McCain’s “war hero” blasphemy and the great Megyn Kelly vaginal blood controversy. These people never give up but they continue to underestimate Trump as well as the intelligence of the American people who are finally calling bullshit on the whole corrupt scam. A scam that Rubin and her fish-wrap paper are an integral component of.