The war on Trump is now fully bipartisan. With Queen Hillary a lock for the Democrat’s nomination with her jackboot already resting upon the windpipe of poor overmatched Bernie and ready to put the socialist utopian out of his misery, her surrogates are now looking towards the general election. While Republican party front-runner Donald Trump is facing the most withering and sleazy smear campaign yet from people who should be targeting Mrs. Clinton, she is already turning her sights towards Trump. The general idea seems to be creating a climate where any American who expresses support for the Donald will be smeared as a racist or worse. It is a truly dastardly way of operating for a woman who claims to be a uniter but the Clintons are among the dirtiest fighters in American politics and no blow is too low for them. So it was that on Sunday evening,  Democratic party propaganda organ MSNBC’s rock star Rachel Maddow has contributed a column to the Washington Post.

Maddow’s dishonest and deranged screed is entitled “What does it say about the GOP that Trump is the white supremacists’ candidate?”:

“Donald Trump is not a racist, but Donald Trump is not afraid. Don’t vote for a Cuban, vote for Donald Trump.” This is not the first white supremacist pro-Trump robocall by a group calling itself “American National Super PAC,” but it hits the same low notes as the last one. “We don’t need Muslims. We need smart, well-educated white people,” said the first call, which went out to Iowa and New Hampshire voters ahead of the presidential nominating contests in those states. The group’s pre-Super Tuesday call, which has reportedly gone out in Vermont and Minnesota, says, “The white race is dying out. . . . Few schools anymore have beautiful white children as the majority.” Both calls identify the person responsible for the message as a “farmer and white nationalist,” and both end the same way: “Vote Trump . . . This call is not authorized by Donald Trump.”

Trump has no affiliation with the white supremacists making these calls on his behalf, but he’s certainly got them all excited. The racist American Freedom Party is technically running its own candidate for president on a “Stop White Genocide” ticket, but its heart is clearly with Trump. A statement from the group announcing that first round of racist robocalls in Iowa called Trump “The Great White Hope.”

Before the first votes were cast this year, Trump’s candidacy was also being hailed and welcomed by the American Nazi Party, the KKK-affiliated “Knights Party,” the skinhead and neo-Nazi online forum “The Daily Stormer” and former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke.

Maddow like others are going heavy on the David Duke and KKK references but there are also those mysterious robocalls that just don’t pass the smell test and are in all probability a political black op undertaken by anti-Trump forces to manufacture news. While she slyly does say that no candidate should be responsible for the views of his supporters the column, as well as the rest of this week’s barrage is exactly about that.


Candidates cannot control who endorses them, and no one should hold candidates accountable for the views and actions of their supporters unless the candidates endorse them in turn. But that doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t notice who’s lining up behind whom.

Maddow closes with:

What is not usual is that same cast of racist characters and organizations feeling at home and well represented at the very apotheosis of Republican Party politics, in the campaign of the prohibitive front-runner for the party’s presidential nomination.

Again, a candidate cannot be held accountable for everything said and believed by his or her supporters. But once it’s clear that the candidate has both the attention and affection of the ugliest, most vile creatures in our political swamp, what he chooses to do about that is a leadership test not only for the candidate but also for the party of which he is becoming the standard-bearer. Now that the KKK and the white nationalists feel that the Republican Party has finally given them a candidate they can believe in, who will disabuse them of that notion? And how?

It is going to be interesting and alarming to see what develops in the coming months if the corrupt GOPe establishment is unable to prevent Trump from getting the nomination. Will support of Trump in the general election be treated as a scarlet letter even if he is the Republican party candidate? Will support of Trump be twisted to represent hate speech? Most importantly will corporate America begin to crack down on employees who support Trump as our rapidly closing society careens towards a suffocating and anti-American enforced diversity? We are now living in a day when political affiliation is on the brink of being equated with racism and Nazism and workplaces with strict and inflexible human resources policies in place prohibiting discrimination could be forced to discipline and even fire employees for nothing more than participating in what is supposed to be a democratic political system.

The system will immunize itself against any serious attempts to change it and will fight back ruthlessly against those that threaten it. It’s positively Orwellian but in reality Orwell was an optimist.