In what could be an ominous sign of things to come in the land of enforced diversity and stifling political correctness, a major Wall Street megabank has disciplined an employee over his support for Republican front-runner Donald Trump. Global behemoth Goldman Sachs disciplined the employee after he was referenced in a New York Times story about Trump as having donated to his campaign – not quoted but only referenced and in a matter that gives the appearance of his being singled out over his political views. With the media having worked desperately to paint Trump as a KKK worshipping, David Duke loving, white supremacist who may also be a closet Nazi it is only a matter of time until ordinary Americans who support him will be similarly tarred and feathered in order to affix a scarlet letter of shame to their foreheads.

A growing number of corporations now have human resources policies strictly forbidding discrimination – which is loosely defined so to be as big of a net possible –  and have increasingly been crossing the line into what employees do in their private lives. It isn’t much of a reach to imagine that the support of a man who looks to be the nominee of one of the two big parties could get someone in hot water with their employer leading to a loss of income, termination and potential blacklisting.

The New York Times reports that “Goldman Sachs Puts Worker Linked to Donald Trump on Leave”:

A financial adviser who was recently highlighted in an article in The New York Times as the only Goldman Sachs employee to contribute to Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign has been placed on administrative leave, according to people familiar with the matter.

The employee, Luke Thorburn, made two donations, totaling $534.58, to Mr. Trump’s campaign in September, according to Federal Election Commission records. He also trademarked the phrase “Make Christianity Great Again,” according to public records.

The Times confirmed that Mr. Thorburn is associated with a website that sells hats that resemble Mr. Trump’s red and blue “Make America Great Again” caps, replacing the word “America” with “Christianity.”

Goldman employees are allowed to pursue outside business opportunities, but they first must get clearance from the company. Mr. Thorburn, a financial adviser in the bank’s wealth management division, had not received approval before pursuing the hat endeavor.

Goldman, according to people briefed on the situation but not authorized to speak on the record, put Mr. Thorburn on paid administrative leave last week after he was interviewed by company officials about details that appeared in The Times’s article.

These people say that Mr. Thorburn sought to distance himself from the website. Ultimately, the bank became concerned about apparent inconsistencies in Mr. Thorburn’s story, and placed him on leave, they said.

Mr. Thorburn did not respond to requests for comment. A person who answered his phone at Goldman said he was not expected at work on Monday. Andrew Williams, a spokesman for Goldman, declined to comment.

Corporate culture has become increasingly close to a collectivism that in many ways mimics communism and with the availability of high tech and social media monitoring tools and outside contractors, employees are under scrutiny to heed to the organizational dogma even to the extent of what they do off the clock. So keep that in mind when talking to co-workers or driving around with a “TRUMP 2016” bumper sticker on your car.

Goldman Sachs is currently pumping millions of dollars into the Hillary Clinton campaign and is the bank where she gave those speeches that she is refusing to release the transcripts of.