Today is the day when the war on Trump goes to DEFCON 1. Mitt Romney fully returns from political zombieland with a much ballyhooed speech about the “state of the presidential race” or more accurately an attack on Trump and the voters who support him. The Romney encyclical preps the ground for what will be a vicious ax fight tonight in the endless series of debates ambushes where the Cuban tag team will once again be looking to draw blood with an assist from Megyn Kelly. There is also a neocon backed group that has published an open letter decrying Trump’s foreign policy as well as an open threat to destroy any politician who declares support for the billionaire insurgent – look at how Chris Christie has been roasted since last Friday. And what would an anti-Trump attack be without the Washington Post Editorial Board chiming in?

The WAPO is now demanding that establishment hero Paul Ryan lead the way in ousting Trump from the Republican Party. In the highly placed jeremiad the paper decrees “Now is the time for Mr. Ryan and other GOP leaders to disavow Mr. Trump”:

Mr. Ryan (Wis.) should make a down payment right now. He and other Republican leaders ought to make clear that they will not “get along” with a man who, from the beginning of his campaign, has profited from voter prejudice and hatred. They should reject his authoritarian assault on American democracy.

Unfortunately, most GOP leaders have so far proved unwilling to take this moral leap. True, Mr. Ryan has not been totally silent as Mr. Trump has risen, most recently condemning the billionaire’s reluctance to condemn the Ku Klux Klan on national television. “If a person wants to be the nominee of the Republican Party, there can be no evasion and no games,” Mr. Ryan said Tuesday. “They must reject any group or cause that is built on bigotry.”

How about Mr. Trump’s campaign? “This party does not prey on people’s prejudices,” Mr. Ryan insisted. But it is on the path to nominating a man who has done just that. If Mr. Trump wins the nomination, what would the speaker do? “My plan is to support the nominee,” he said Tuesday.


Maybe that would ultimately split the party. Maybe not. Mr. Trump has taken only 34 percent of the cumulative popular vote so far. Some Republicans believe that the case against him as a sketchy businessman and lifelong fraudster still has not been made in the earnest, sustained way required to reach voters. If so, they must try harder to make it. There are two weeks before big winner-take-all state primaries that could cement Mr. Trump’s lead. This is not a time for soft criticisms, veiled warnings and shortsighted partisanship.

Despite what some Republicans appear to believe, Hillary Clinton is not more dangerous than Mr. Trump. No job is worth the moral stain that would come from embracing him. No party is worth saving at the expense of the country.

The establishment now enters the scorched earth phase of the campaign, if one of their own is prevented by the voters from being the Republican nominee then they will burn the entire party down and turn the keys to the White House over to the Clintons for the next eight years – neocon grand poobah William Kristol has admitted that. The WAPO and the rest of neocons, the Wall Street stooges and the consulting cottage industry that has gotten rich by selling RINO losers the likes of John McCain and Mr. Romney to conservatives only to see them easily beaten in the presidential election aren’t going to just surrender their seats on the gravy train without a pitched battle. Barring a successful two week blitzkrieg of negative advertising, smears and endorsements of Rubio to beat back Trump it would be advisable if the GOP front-runner were to hire some food tasters and avoid riding around in convertibles.