Billionaire Democratic party donor Haim Saban who is one of Queen Hillary’s high-rolling financial backers has joined with the neocons and entire Republican party establishment in working to destroy the insurgent campaign of Donald Trump. Trump has been absolutely vilified in the media since kicking ass on Super Tuesday and as the early results of Saturday’s caucuses trickle in the sustained barrage may have done the trick. Not only are the GOP power brokers and their stooges at the RNC and in the media terrified about the prospect of a Trump nomination so are the Democrats because absent a criminal indictment the only thing that could prevent a Clinton restoration is Trump. That’s very bad news for the status quo and a time like this requires a unity unseen since the aftermath of 9/11 when partisan bickering was cast aside in order to unite against a grave national threat.

The Times of Israel reports that “Saban: Trump’s a ‘clown,’ and would be ‘dangerous’ for Israel”:

Israeli-American billionaire Haim Saban on Saturday called Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump a “clown” who would be dangerous to Israel and the world as a whole should he take the White House.

Saban, an entertainment magnate best known for producing the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, is one of the biggest backers of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. He told Channel 2 in an interview aired Saturday night that the GOP candidate was “dangerous for the world, and since Israel is part of the world, therefore he’s dangerous to Israel.”

“He’s unpredictable,” Saban said of Trump. “It’s very hard to know what he’s really thinking. One day he gives an interview to an Israeli paper and says you’ll never have had such a friend in the White House from the moment I’m president. A day later they ask him about the situation in the Middle East and he says, no, I’ll be neutral, I’m from the UN. I won’t intervene.”

Saban was alluding to Trump’s remarks last month ahead of the South Carolina primaries in which he said he would be “sort of a neutral guy” in trying to broker a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians. At the same time he has repeatedly said he is “totally pro-Israel.”

Saban has donated over $2 million to the Clinton campaign as of November 2015, according to figures cited by The Washington Post. He has also donated at least $10 million to the Clinton Foundation. The entertainment magnate has an estimated net worth of $3.6 billion as of 2016, according to Forbes.

He pointed out that Clinton has a 25-year history with Israel and “if you believe in a two-state solution, Hillary Clinton will be excellent for Israel, will be excellent for the Middle East, will be excellent for the world, and will be excellent for the United States.”

Saban said Clinton would work “in the most efficient way conceivable” with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should she be elected to the White House in November and downplayed any possible tension between the two.

Far be it from establishment politicians to NOT use loyalty to Israel as a political football – Marco Rubio is all over it – but unless he is able to emerge from a likely brokered contention as the nominee it will be Hillary who will be anointed the protector of the nation’s longtime Middle East ally. Billionaire casino mogul and Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson has yet to weigh in with his choice but with Rubio not exactly lighting the world on fire and Ted Cruz far too dependent on the evangelical demographic to have a serious shot at the White House in a national election he just may concur with Mr. Saban. That’s just how desperate that the existing order is to prevent a Donald Trump presidency.