With Donald Trump apparently having decided that he’s had enough ambushes for a while and wisely pulling out of the big CPAC extravaganza, the establishment trotted out their new rock star Marco Rubio – and damn it if he didn’t remind people of Ronald Reagan. That’s at least what the building narrative seems to be, the invocation of the beloved conservative icon has become the last refuge of scoundrels and Prince Marco is milking the Gipper for all that he’s worth as he looks to overcome Trump in Florida. The Miami motor-mouth hasn’t exactly shied away from Reagan, his campaign website features a fairy tale quality story of how he first became a Republican – his grandfather turned him on to guess who? Rubio’s image makers have also gotten good mileage out of the line that he represents the rise of the children of the Reagan revolution to power, alluding that the young Cuban is indeed the second coming of Reagan himself.

He brought the house down at CPAC today and the establishment media is singing Rubio’s praises like a holy chorus. It’s not surprising that Democrat propaganda organ MSNBC was among those drooling over Rubio who would be eaten alive by Hillary with the fawning article “Showers of adoration for Marco Rubio at CPAC”:

Conservative activists cheered so loudly on Saturday morning that Marco Rubio could barely finish his remarks. And when he told them he had to wrap it up? They drowned out the prospect with boos.

In his Saturday morning address, the junior senator from Florida saw the loudest, boldest and best response of any presidential candidate at the weekend-long Conservative Political Action Conference. It left ears ringing and the crowd on their feet, demanding more.

Rubio’s optimistic stump speech found a welcome audience here at CPAC, whose attendees often skew younger than most Republican gatherings, and he spoke at length about working to ensure a strong future for the next generation.

“Young Americans have a chance to fulfill an incredible potential,” he said at the end of his address. “But we have to give them a chance. And they won’t have a chance if a Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders is elected. And they won’t have a chance if the conservative movement is hijacked by someone who isn’t a conservative.”

The not-so-subtle dig at Donald Trump – whom he derided for having positions that are out of line with much of the conservative movement in attendance here – drew some of the loudest cheers and hollers of the day.

Rubio sat down for questions with CNN’s Dana Bash, who asked him repeatedly about Trump’s rise and his remarks, angering the crowd who shouted out that they wanted to hear more about Rubio – not the Republican front-runner, who cancelled his scheduled appearance here at the last minute to attend a rally in Kansas.

There was a palpable distaste for Trump at the event and a number of boos at mention of his cancellation. Conservatives who attended the event said they felt it was wrong for him to cancel his event.

It’s just the latest example of how cynical RINO insiders have long and easily duped conservatives by invoking Reagan as often as possible. McCain did it, Romney did it and now the soon to be crowned nominee at July’s brokered convention Marco Rubio is doing it. Whether it works this time around has yet to be seen but with operation destroy Trump reaching the level of the Manhattan Project itself it’s as H.L. Mencken once put it “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people” and that’s what Rubio, the neocons and the entire RNC-Wall Street-Chamber of Commerce axis of avarice is counting on. If CPAC was any indication of the snow sales job to come those who know better need to stock up on barf bags.

To anyone who actually remembers Ronald Reagan instead of the caricature that the establishment charlatans have turned him into they can see that Rubio has nothing in common with the man other than a set of testicles although the angry little Cuban sure conjures up visions of a young Fidel Castro in his speeches.