The establishment will rejoice tomorrow as the unstoppable Donald Trump was finally slowed. Trump was hammered on Saturday in at least two state caucuses resulting in cries of jubilation reverberating from Wall Street to Washington, from the RNC to the DNC and a great exhaling from within the Hillary Clinton campaign bunker. Trump was subjected to an unprecedented and concerted barrage over the last two weeks, he made it through Super Tuesday but it may have been his arrogant and ill-advised bumbling into the trap laid for him in Detroit at the Fox News debate on Thursday that finally penetrated his armor.

Ted Cruz crushed the Donald in Kansas and mangled him in Maine, the results are still trickling in from Kentucky and Louisiana but no matter what they end up as the media will shout that the curtain has been pulled back on the Wizard of Oz. Even if Trump wins the states, the Cruz victories – by substantial margins – have already cemented the narrative for the Sunday news cycle.

The damned liberal New York Times reports that “GOP senator gains momentum against Trump”:

Senator Ted Cruz scored decisive wins in the Kansas and Maine caucuses on Saturday, demonstrating his enduring appeal among conservatives as he tried to reel in Donald J. Trump’s significant lead in the Republican presidential race.

Senator Bernie Sanders won the Kansas and Nebraska Democratic caucuses, according to The Associated Press, while votes in Louisiana, a state Hillary Clinton was strongly favored in, were still being counted. Mr. Sanders’s victories in the two heavily white states were not likely to alter the broader contours of a race in which he has struggled with nonwhite Democrats.

The states voting Saturday, which also included Kentucky, award delegates proportionally, so Mr. Cruz’s victories could put only a modest dent in Mr. Trump’s lead. But they were sure to energize the anti-Trump forces who are desperately trying to defeat a front-runner they believe would lead the party to ruin this November.

While the frenetic nature of the establishment and media attacks gets a big share of the credit for Saturday’s humbling of Trump he also bears a big part of the blame for stepping on his own dick – or more accurately boating about the size of his schlong during the Fox setup. That kind of crap just turns people off, people expect such sophomoric behavior from a wet behind the ears twit like Marco Rubio but Trump is the front-runner and it was beneath his dignity to bring his penis into things. It was a monumental blunder for a guy who of all people should understand the concept of never giving an adversary the knife that they will use to cut your throat with.

How it will play going forward is unknown but the Sunday talk shows will be orgasmic as will the rest of the media, the Washington Post may have to close down for a day or two because it’s hard to imagine that anyone there won’t be hungover badly after Saturday which will be spun as the Waterloo for Trump. Mr. Cruz can bask in the glory for the time being however despite the Saturday results Trump still managed to compile additional delegates meaning that the Texas senator will also be staring down the barrel of a brokered convention.

The inconvenient truth that Marco Rubio got walloped on Saturday everywhere outside of the big establishment CPAC whoop-de-do isn’t getting much media coverage nor will it and Cruz had best pay very close attention to the forces that will be aligned against him once Trump has been dispatched.