When last we left disgraced Subway sandwich empire pitchman Jared Fogle he was bawling for leniency at his sentencing hearing for various acts of sexual depravity including possession of child pornography. The judge wasn’t having it though and sent the effeminate pretty boy to the pokey for fifteen years and change. Mr. Fogle already had lost his longtime paying gig as one of the most recognizable faces in America, his wife divorced him and he had to pay restitutionto his victims. But things are only getting worse for the sex pervert sandwich shill.

As reported by the website In Touch in an exclusive story entitled “Jared Fogle Has Gained 30 Pounds Just 3 Months into His Prison Sentence”:

Jared Fogle is just barely three months into a nearly 16-year jail sentence for child pornography and having sex with underage prostitutes, and the former Subway spokesperson has already gained 30 pounds, In Touch has exclusively learned.

The new issue of In Touch — on newsstands now — details Jared’s life behind prison bars including threats, physical attacks and constant taunting.

Jared — a man who famously lost more than 200 pounds by eating at Subway — has crossed the wrong people in prison and his only comfort has been found in food.

“He’s really started packing on the pounds again, probably from depression,” the prison insider, who estimates Jared to have gained 30 pounds already, says.

“Jared’s breakfast is usually Frosted Flakes with fruit or oatmeal with cake. He loves ‘cake day’ in the dining hall twice a week and he buys Honey Buns by the box, as well as other pastries, in the commissary on his weekly shopping day,” adds the insider. “He’s been known to eat an entire box of eight at one sitting!”

“Jared is regularly taunted by those who have it out for him,” the prison insider states.

“One of the men called Jared a ‘dirty child rapist’ and told him to ‘get the f–k out’ and not come back,” a recently released inmate from Colorado’s Federal Correctional Institution — Englewood exclusively reveals.

The disgraced former Subway pitchman then made the mistake of opening his mouth to defend himself.

“The inmate slapped him across the cheeks several times and made his face red. Jared just stood there stunned, then ran out of the gym,” while inmates booed and called him by his prison nickname — “Chomo,” which is short for child molester — as well as another choice derogatory term for a coward. “He never ratted out the inmates who did it, though, because he was threatened that if he did, they would get him!”

Jared’s bound to run into more trouble soon.

“When you’re in custody, there are two kinds of people who are hated more than anything else; informants — you know, rats — and child molesters,” Larry Levine, a former federal prisoner who’s now the director and founder of Wall Street Prison Consultants, explains. “It’s a violent place and he’s going to have a rough go of it for a long time. Fogle don’t have a chance.”

It was a given that Fogle’s fifteen years was going to seem more like an eternity once he was reeducated to understand that the term “hold the meat” had an entirely different meaning inside the walls than in the free world but he’s off to a real rough start by anyone’s standards according to the article. While it was predictable that he would be the belle of the ball it has to be some kind of a record that Fogle is actually gaining weight in prison, not an environment that is conducive to packing on the pounds. The irony is priceless though when one considers that the creepy little hustler’s rise to stardom was built on his scam diet that he parlayed into fame, fortune and access to victims that he could prey upon as a sex predator.

The next piece of news is going to be even worse and it’s even money that it could be his obituary.