Mr. Establishment himself is being feted like an honorable elder statesman on the Sunday morning McNews show circuit. Mitt Romney – the man who stuck us all with four more years of Obama – continued his comeback tour appearing on Press the Meat Meet the Press and other shows to continue his attacks on Republican front-runner Donald Trump. When it comes to the embodiment of the calcified rot and arrogance of the establishment elite there is no better example than Mr. Romney and he wears his contempt for the rabble like a badge of honor.

Saturday’s caucuses only managed to slightly ding the Donald – not the full out humiliation hoped for after the two early Ted Cruz wins in Maine and Kansas – and the critical Florida and Ohio contests loom large. This is the week that what is already a massive incendiary bombardment of Trump along the lines of Dresden will intensify because the establishment faces the horrifying prospect of him beating both Marco Rubio and John Kasich in their home states next week.

The egomaniac Romney followed up on his big anti-Trump tirade on Thursday where he seemed to be giving Republicans their orders to do what it took to put the nomination up for grabs at the brokered convention by indicating that is indeed the plan. I excerpt the following from the MTP transcript:

CHUCK TODD: Do you believe there should be a, if Trump’s going to be on a glide path to the nomination, do you think there should be a concerted third-party effort by Republicans? Maybe it’s the Constitution party, maybe it’s something else?

MITT ROMNEY: I’m not going to encourage, at this stage, the creation of a new party. But I think it would be very difficult for Donald Trump in the final analysis to get the nomination. I think we’re going to nominate someone who really represents our party. And I believe that’ll happen in the process leading up to the convention.

But if the convention has no one person getting a majority of the delegates, then we’ll have the 2,000-plus delegates there, and they’ll have to make an assessment, they were elected by their people in their respective states, they’ll make the judgment as to who should be our nominee.

CHUCK TODD: You told Matt Lauer, my colleague on Friday, that you would not be a candidate for president. But let me ask you the way General Sherman was once asked, “If nominated, will you accept the nomination?” If your name is placed in the nomination, and was elected at this Cleveland convention, would you accept it?

MITT ROMNEY: You know, I can’t imagine anything like that happening. And I don’t think anyone in our party should say, “Oh no, even if the people in the party wanted me to be the president I would say no to it.” No one’s going to say that. But I can tell you this, I’m not a candidate, I’m not going to be a candidate, I’m going to be endorsing one of the people who’s running for president.

And one of the people, I can guarantee you this, one of the people running for president, one of the four, is going to be the Republican party nominee. Three of the four are people I would endorse. But I’m not running and I’m not going to be running.

While Romney for the time being at least is dancing around on whether he would be open to being the nominee he makes no bones about how the party elite is not going to tolerate Trump laying waste to their corrupt spoils system. Ohio GovernorJohn Kasich has already stated that the nomination is going to be decided in July atthe convention, an event that just happens to be in his state and RNC head Reince Priebus for the first time on Sunday acknowledged the possibility of a brokered convention on CBS Face the Nation.

Priebus, who is as slippery as a greased hamster at Bohemian Grove was finally pinned down by host John Dickerson and forced to admit that a brokered convention was indeed a “possibility”, I excerpt from the show transcript:

DICKERSON: That coming together, that’s the traditional thing that happens. But in these last couple of weeks you’ve got Senator Ben Sasse saying, nope, he won’t vote for Donald Trump. You’ve got other people saying, let’s start a third party. There’s also talk of a kind of monkeying around to get a contested convention. That’s different.


DICKERSON: That’s — that’s — that means the coalescing isn’t going to happen.

PRIEBUS: Well, what it means is that it’s — we’re in the beginning of March. We’ve got over 1,600 delegates to go. It means that people are concerned, at least in their own interests as far as who the nominee is going to be and they’re making public statements likely to change the course of what they see as a direction that they don’t like. But, ultimately, there’s a long way to go. We are going to come together and we’re going to beat Hillary Clinton, who’s now dodging immunity agreements with the DOJ.

DICKERSON: What do you make of these — the talk about the convention? Let’s start with Mitt Romney. He’s basically said, everybody who’s not Donald Trump should have a strategy where Marco Rubio wins in Florida, Kasich wins in Ohio, denies him the number of delegates he would need to get the nomination. What do you think of such a planned strategy?

PRIEBUS: Well, I don’t really think anything of it. I mean I — my role is to basically be 100 percent behind whoever gets 1,237 delegates. I’m not going to do anything to help someone get 1,237 delegates, nor am I going to do anything to prevent someone from getting 1,237 delegates.

But, keep in mind what’s going on here. We have a political party, both — two political parties. These folks are running to join our political party as our nominee. So, yes, they pledged to support the event nominee. They want to take part in the process. And eventually we’ll get to that point. They will join — one person will join our party and we will be 100 percent behind that person.

DICKERSON: What do you — for Republicans out there who are watching, when they hear about contested convention, there are rules to fight this out in Cleveland.


DICKERSON: In other words, it’s not a dirty word, right?


DICKERSON: It — OK. So there is a process for — with rules. A contested convention could be possible. So that’s OK. It’s not that —

PRIEBUS: It’s not impossible. I still think it’s unlikely.


PRIEBUS: But it’s not impossible. No.

With Trump having worked his way through all but the last three of the 16 GOP candidates and with Marco Rubio now on the ropes you can probably write it in stone that there will indeed be a brokered convention where the Donald will be cheated out of the nomination. The city of Cleveland is expecting mayhem too because according to reports the police have ordered 2,000 sets of riot gear because there will be hell to pay if Trump gets screwed and Romney-Rubio is chosen as the Republican party ticket.