The establishment media has been hitting billionaire iconoclast Donald Trump and his supporters with every Nazi reference in the book and another one has dropped right into their laps. A Latino mother and daughter are claiming that they wereassaulted at a Trump rally in Louisville last week. Esmeralda and Zayra Barragan went to the event looking to engage in a bit of anti-Trump activism and had some sort of confrontation with a white man in the crowd.

Lexington TV station Lex-18 reports on their website that “Family Files Criminal Charges Following Trump Rally”:

A mother and daughter, who say they were assaulted at Tuesday’s Donald Trump rally, are the latest to press charges.

Esmeralda and Zayra Barragan say they went to the rally, not because they were supporters, but because they wanted their Hispanic heritage to be represented. They wanted to show not all Latinos stand with Trump.

When Trump’ s speech concluded, the family said a man at the rally assaulted them.

Cell phone video captured the moment a man was carried away by a group of rally attendees following the incident.

“He turned to my daughter and said ‘you will never be anyone,’” the mother said. “God was with me this whole time because I had the patience to not physically or verbally say anything to him.”

The family also say the man told them to go pick up their welfare checks.

Louisville Police say they are reviewing footage of the incident.

Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King, the same guy who launched the sleazy smear campaign against Super Bowl winning quarterback Peyton Manningbecause he was pissed that his boy Cam Newton got criticized for acting like an ass is at it again. King writes on Trump crowds in his New York Daily News column in a piece entitled “As violence erupts at Super Tuesday Trump rally, it’s only a matter of time before someone gets killed at future events”:

On Monday, 30 black students attending a Donald Trump rally at Valdosta State University in rural Georgia were forcefully ejected — simply for being black.

On Tuesday, in Louisville, Ky., what happened to young black protesters at another Trump rally wasn’t just racist — it appears to be outright criminal.

While we have already widely reported that white supremacists are openly proclaiming that they are fully emboldened and energized by Trump, the natural progression of their romance with Trump is now on full display.

While Trump was giving his typical campaign speech about making America great again, several different predominantly black groups of protesters, who were simply there to hold up signs, began having those signs snatched and getting cursed by the white Trump supporters surrounding them.

We now know that those Trump supporters are open bigots, Neo-Nazis, and white supremacists belonging to many different groups including the Traditionalist Worker Party — a well-documented hate group. Their social media profiles are full of Nazi photos, KKK and white supremacist references, and some of the most insulting, despicable hate speech you’ll ever see.

Mr. King goes on to invoke one Matthew Heimbach, a “white nationalist” who is officially identified as a hatemonger by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The innuendo that King is floating seeks to blame the detested Republican front-runner for the behavior of the crowd at his rallies – the last time that I looked this was still at least theoretically a free country and while one may not agree with what another believes they are still free to come and go as they please. There are unsavory elements everywhere but King turns a blind eye on the often violent and otherwise thuggish behavior of Black Lives Matter activists – I wonder why.

King toots away on the Brownshirt dog whistle:

When I first saw the short 37-second news clip of this young girl being forcefully pushed and shoved by large grown men, my blood began to boil. In my lifetime, I have never seen grown men, many who at first appeared to be complete strangers, violently shove a young girl around like that. Some seem to just be pushing her for fun to the left and to the right, just because it’s what other people were doing.

While it all goes down, the hate for her is visible in the eyes not just of the adult men who repeatedly shove her, but in the surrounding women who look on. Nobody, not a single soul, offers to help protect her or escort her out in a way that is remotely safe.

Nobody, though, was as violent and flagrant as the man in the Trump campaign hat with the white supremacist T-shirt. As he yells in the young girls face, and appears to attempt to stab her with a pen of some sort, he pushes and shoves her repeatedly.

Police and Secret Service do nothing.


All of this happened on the same day that Trump won Republican primaries from Massachusetts to Georgia and racked up millions of votes and delegates in the process. Bigotry, it appears, is more popular than ever. It’s only a matter of time until someone is killed or critically injured in one of these Trump rallies.

This is America. 2016.

The link to King’s entire screed is here if you can stomach it – unfortunately he doesn’t open the comments section which if you pay attention is becoming a common practice with the establishment media sites.

While Shaun King is far from the only one claiming that Trump is conjuring up“dark forces” as former Clinton-Obama aide and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuelputs it he continues to cherry pick the news looking for ways to play the race card. Perhaps I am being an alarmist here but it seems to be that there is an ongoing effort to stigmatize those who support Trump and smear them all as racists, bigots and white supremacists when it is really only the actions of a few hooligans in the audience that fuel the media smear machine.

It may not be long until corporations and other organizations begin to treat employees and members who dare to support the front-runner of one of the nation’s two dominant political parties as persona non grata and punish them for racism and hate speech. This could impose a crushing form of enforced diversity upon those seeking to exercise their rights to participate in what is fraudulently marketed as the best democracy on the planet. This is America 2016.