Senator Marco Rubio has finally posted a big signature win in the 2016 primaries that he can hang his hat on. Following a string of losses and third place finishes behind both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz the angry little man from Miami resoundingly triumphed in Sunday’s Puerto Rico primary. It comes as a big relief for Team Rubio as the all-important Florida primary nears and the winner being able to bag the entire 99 delegates due to a recent change in the rules that was widely interpreted as an attempt to put a thumb on the scale for Jeb Bush.

The Washington Post reports that “Marco Rubio wins the Puerto Rico primary”:

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) won the Puerto Rico Republican primary on Sunday, giving his presidential campaign a badly needed boost on a weekend already mired by losses.

It wasn’t clear how many delegates Rubio had when the Associated Press called the race for the senator on Sunday afternoon. He traveled to Puerto Rico on Saturday for a series of last-minute appearances in hopes of shoring up support. The win is likely to yield Rubio all of the island’s 23 delegates as he seeks at least to stall Donald Trump’s fight to become the Republican presidential nominee.

Puerto holds a “winner-take-most” primary, meaning that some delegates may go to runners-up, depending on the final vote tally.

he win came after a miserable Saturday for Rubio. He placed third behind Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.) in contests held in Kansas, Kentucky and Louisiana and fourth in Maine behind Trump, Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

Trump still leads the pack with 382 delegates, while Cruz has 300 delegates, according to an AP tally. Rubio will have 151 delegates if he wins every available slot in Puerto Rico. At least 1,237 delegates are needed o secure the Republican presidential nomination.

In Puerto Rico on Saturday, Rubio campaigned in Toa Baja and brought along some star power: Actor Carlos Ponce, his former brother-in-law, called the senator “a man of deep faith who is going to be an excellent representative and president,” according to local news reports.

Rubio’s win restarts the Marco-mentum That reached a fever pitch when the favorite sun brought down the house with his CPAC speech on Saturday but only hours later was derailed by the candidate’s hideous performance at the polls. The product that is being sold the hardest as being essential for the future of America just isn’t flying off the shelves as expected. There is now one week left to pimp Prince Marco who holds a decisive edge in fawning establishment media coverage. He is going to face a fierce battle in his home state as Trump packs then in by the thousands at his rallies and Cruz is backed by Super PACs spending big to humiliate Rubio in the hope that a loss will force him to acknowledge reality and drop out.

The biggest obstacle though may be Señor Rubio himself and his failure to actually represent his own constituents or at least the ones not waving fistfulls of dirty money at him. He has been running for the highest office in the land ever since the final vote was counted back in 2010 for his senate seat and has spent five years gallivanting around the donor circuit while not showing up at his actual job which he feels is beneath him.

The Florida primary is next Tuesday.