The clearest indication yet that establishment rock star Paul Ryan is a globalist corporate Trojan horse who is owned lock, stock and barrel by special interests is a new Washington Post article. The paper of record in America’s imperial city is bemoaning how difficult that big bad wolf Donald Trump has made life for the poor, put upon Speaker of the House. The narrative has been one of a reluctant family man who was drafted into service for the good of the country, just an ordinary guy without ambition who was thrown into the lion’s den against his will. This of course is total horseshit and Ryan is the guy who will cut the deal with an outgoing Barack Obama to cram the job-murdering, sovereignty wrecking Trans-Pacific Partnership down the throats of Americans at the end of the upcoming lame duck session.

The piece is entitled “How Donald Trump is ruining Paul Ryan’s speakership” from which I excerpt:

When he was drafted into the speaker’s chair four months ago, Ryan acknowledged the job would be difficult. But, thanks to Trump, it has become much worse than that. He has come to embody the party establishment’s existential conflict: deeply wary of Trump’s divisive antics but reluctant to reject him entirely.

“It’s not nearly as complicated for us as it is for him,” said Peter Wehner, a Ryan friend and senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center who was among the first conservative thinkers to renounce Trump. “His is a different role, and it’s a trickier role, and it requires a lot of prudence, frankly.”

Prudence, however, has gotten Ryan only so far politically. The expected complications of managing the House Republican majority have only been compounded by Trump’s unexpected endurance. Ryan’s attempts to sail above the presidential fray with an emphasis on big ideas and basic legislating have been undermined both by hard-line House conservatives and by an angry presidential front-runner who all but mocks the reverence for the party’s leading “ideas man.”

”Paul Ryan, I don’t know him well, but I’m sure I’m going to get along great with him,” Trump said Tuesday. “And if I don’t, he’s going to have to pay a big price, okay?”

House conservatives, meanwhile, are making it all but impossible for Ryan to strike a GOP consensus on spending, setting the stage for the same type of contentious year-end budget negotiations that bedeviled his predecessor, John A. Boehner.


Addressing reporters Thursday, Ryan said he had laughed off Trump’s “pay a big price” threat and played down his own ability to shape the presidential race. In declining further comment on Trump, he emphasized, as he has previously, his special role as chairman of the Republican National Convention.

”As speaker of the House, what can I do about it, what can I control?” he said. “I can help put substance in this campaign. The way we see our role in this campaign, through our agenda project, is to add a keel and a rudder to this ship of the Republican Party, and give it direction.”

Ryan appointed five task forces last month to develop detailed policy agendas on such issues as national security, health care and federal regulations. But on numerous ideas close to Ryan’s heart — free trade, immigration reform, tax reform, entitlement cuts — Trump holds conflicting, if not opposing views.

Asked what use his agenda will be if Trump is the nominee, Ryan said, “Look, we’re going to speak out for who we are and what we believe; we’re going to run on our beliefs, we’re going to run on our ideas. I’ll just leave it at that.”

Other than covering for Ryan by blaming his budget troubles and poor leadership skills on Trump,  the WAPO column may have a more nefarious purpose – like floating the trial balloon for putting the Wisconsin congressman in play for July’s upcoming brokered convention. The wheels are already turning and like Jake and Elwood in the Blues Brothers the establishment is wants to put the band back together. With Trump foiling poor Ryan’s tenure as speaker he could salve his wounds more than a bit by landing a role in Romney-Ryan: the Sequel. Despite his wholly undeserved praise by the in the bag media, the jackleg Ryan is just a younger, trimmer and more sober version of his predecessor weeping John Boehner and he is just itching to be the one pulling the trigger on Obamatrade.