While Tuesday’s big wins in Michigan, Mississippi and Hawaii have taken some of the bloom off of the lily for the anti-Trump movement (#NeverTrump) it doesn’t take away from the fact that the corrupt establishment is going to great lengths to quash the will of the people. In addition to the tens of millions of dollars being pumped into a blistering negative advertising campaign and the scheming to install Mitt Romney at a brokered convention a number of big corporate honchos, establishment strategists and influential Republican party politicians are colluding in secret.

According to a Fortune Magazine online article “An Island Full of Millionaires Wants to Stop Donald Trump Cold”:

Off the coast of Georgia last weekend a group of nervous business moguls and politicians met up at a private island resort.

They weren’t visiting Sea Island to party, though; they were all guests at an annual closed-press event hosted by a conservative Washington think tank. And this year they banded together around one common goal: stopping Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, as The Huffington Post reports.

Apple CEO Tim Cook was there; so was Google’s Larry Page and Elon Musk from Tesla and SpaceX. Top Republican brass there included Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), Karl Rove, and even New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger, among others.

The event, the American Enterprise Institute’s World Forum, is a top-secret annual meeting known for bringing top business executives and politicians together to do…well, we’re not exactly sure what.

But this year, as The Huffington Post reported, everyone’s minds were on how Trump made it this far and how to stop him. Karl Rove reportedly presented focus group findings on Trump, while others simply wondered “how this happened.”

With the Silicon Valley execs like Apple’s Tim Cook and Google’s Larry Page present along with GOP congressional leaders Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell it’s pretty clear that they see Trump as an existential threat to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) a globalist sell out of a trade pact so odious and harmful to Americans that it is opposed by both the Teamsters and the John Birch Society. Trump’s big win in Michigan last night coupled with Bernie Sanders edging of Queen Hillary shows that the people are sick and tired of having their economic prospects stomped on by heinous anti-American “free trade” deals negotiated in secret. While the media wants folks to believe that all support of Trump is based in racism his success has been fueled by his ability to tap into the undercurrent of resentment that exists towards these type of betrayals by our so-called elected leaders.

Just more of the same decision making and plotting in secret in which the voters have no say and one hell of a good example of why the Trump revolution needs to take it to the palace.