The punditry, the presstitutes and other gravy-train riding establishment shills have taken the unpredictable success of GOP front-runner Donald Trump hard. Over the past eight months or so nary a day has passed without the preferred fish wrap in America’s imperial city – aka the Washington Post – cranking out a plethora of anti-Trump pieces like the jacked-up production line in a Mexican manure factory. The shrill caterwauling from veteran Beltway cocktail party blabbermouths the likes of George Will, Dana Milbank and even the revered Charles Krauthammer has been as piercing as it has been plentiful. While all are horrified at the prospect of a vulgarian outsider pissing in their punch bowl none are taking it harder than prolific neocon harpy Jennifer Rubin.

Rubin, whose blazing hot schoolgirl crush on Marco Rubio would have been an embarrassment to any decent newspaper is just fit to be tied and is now demanding that the GOP be dismantled. Jen’s primal scream is entitled “Let’s Scrap the GOP and Start Over”:

The lowest moment of last night — maybe the lowest of the election and in the history of the GOP — came before the debate, when Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus pledged that the RNC “is going to support the nominee, whoever that is, 100 percent.” This came on a day in which Donald Trump’s campaign, despite an eyewitness and audio evidence, denied that its manager strong-armed reporter Michelle Fields — and then savaged her as “delusional.” It comes on a day when violence yet again occurred at another Trump rally, violence that Trump has made light of or encourages (as Jake Tapper ably pointed out). It comes after a boatload of information has revealed Trump’s penchant for lying and misleading consumers. It comes when Trump has refused to turn over his tax records, preventing voters from seeing his real financial picture.


The sort of soulless, amoral stance displayed last night toward a figure as dangerous as Trump suggests that whether Trump becomes the nominee or not, a new center-right party is required, one that specifically rejects Trumpism. A party is needed that embodies everything that Trump is not — inclusive, ideas-driven, programmatic, dedicated to the rule of law, rational, optimistic — for those who believe that 21st-century liberal statism is not the cure for what ails the United States.

If by some small miracle a non-Trump nominee wins, it will be essential to, in essence, start anew, with new party leadership. It’s easy to see who should not be included — the mix of slimy opportunists (e.g., New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Ben Carson, Newt Gingrich), nativists (e.g. Sen. Jeff Sessions, David Duke) and unblinking yes-men (the RNC leadership, Republican Jewish Coalition leadership) unwilling or unable to recognize that this is an existential moment for the party and the country.

If Trump gets the nomination, Republicans who regard Trump’s message and conduct as wholly unacceptable will be obligated to leave the party, withhold their financial support and refuse to vote for him. In the short run, it means finding a third conservative candidate who does not excuse despotic repression of dissidents, put the United States at odds with the entire Muslim world and advocate ordering troops to kill noncombatant women and children (a war crime). In the longer run, it means starting a different center-right party, leaving the GOP to the bigots, the con men and the fans of dictators.

Rubin’s world class bitch fit can be read in it’s deranged entirety here.

While it is the utmost of lunacy to believe such a thing would ever occur – a damned good blood purge would do the trick – Rubin like others could soon become members of a new mutant species called “Hillary Republicans”. The sentiment that many would cut and run on Trump and help to elect a morally bereft succubus like Mrs. Clinton is more widespread than it is visible – much like an iceberg. Fellow WAPO oped page ghoul Robert Kagan of the Brookings Institute by way of the defunct Project for the New American Century (PNAC) is already on record with his intent to vote for Clinton as are legions of others. Trump’s mortal sin? He puts America first instead of the powerful special interests and doesn’t take any crap from propaganda parrots like Rubin and her ilk.

Now as the establishment sucklers detach themselves from the GOP like parasites in search of a new host they will serve as a rump army to sabotage the party to keep it out of Trump’s clutches. If there is one thing that Rubin and her compatriots understand it is that the Clinton restoration is necessary to protect them from the Trump revolution – their lofty status as trumpeters of elite opinion depend on it.