The establishment media has delighted in playing the Hitler card when it comes to Donald Trump and his supporters but after Friday night’s storming of a Chicago rally they have refused to apply any similar tag to those who shut it down. It has now come to this in America where free speech and forced diversity have resulted in the closing of venues because of thuggish opposition to legitimate political speech.

It was in pre-war, pre-Holocaust Germany where Hitler’s Sturmabteilung relied on exactly the same style of tactics used by the loose affiliation of leftists, militant black SJW’s and Democratic Party operatives used to bust up the Trump rally last night.  Yet the media refuses to apply the same standard to the thugs and hooligans in Chicago and in fact instead of denouncing the misbehavior astonishingly seems to report the events with a sense of smugness that borders on cheerleading which will only encourage more harassment and violence going forward.

The always reliable Trump-hating Washington Post is a perfect example with the story “Get ’em out!’ Racial tensions explode at Donald Trump’s rallies”:

In the evening in Chicago, Trump canceled a rally at the University of Illinois at Chicago after brawls broke out at the event site.

Trump’s camp issued a statement saying that “for the safety of all the tens of thousands of people that have gathered in and around the arena, tonight’s rally will be postponed to another date. Thank you very much for your attendance and please go in peace.

Inside the Peabody Opera House in St. Louis earlier in the day, protesters interrupted Trump eight times, prompting catcalls and chants from the crowd as security officers removed them. Scores were injured or arrested in clashes between Trump supporters and critics outside the venue, where thousands had gathered in an overflow area to listen to the event over loudspeakers.

Trump is known for his massive, raucous rallies — part campaign events, part media spectacles, part populist exaltations for his most loyal supporters. But the events have also become suffused with the kind of hostility and even violence that are unknown to modern presidential campaigns.

The candidate himself often seems to wink at, or even encourage, rough treatment of protesters.

“Come on, get ’em out, police, please. Let’s go!” Trump shouted here on Friday, complaining that protesters could not be removed more quickly because “nobody wants to hurt each other anymore.”

In incidents around the country this month, local police officers and security personnel frequently have been unable to keep anti-Trump protesters safe when their largely peaceful, if noisy, demonstrations have been met with physical attacks. The confrontations have only grown as Trump events have become a regular destination for liberal demonstrators, who are increasingly organizing large contingents through social media.

However as described by numerous media sources angry goon squads like the ones in Chicago are not engaged in crushing free speech even if they are openly calling for mob action on social media. One influential voice who is openly calling for violence is rapper Chris Brown, according to conservative website the Daily Caller in the article “Chris Brown Just Went Off On Every Single One Of Donald Trump’s Supporters”:

Chris Brown urged black protesters to travel in groups to Donald Trump rallies from now on after a white Trump supporter punched a black protester.

In an angry post on Instagram Thursday night, the 26-year-old singer had a message for the Republican front-runner’s fanbase.

“Man, this shit is getting crazy,” Brown said in the video. “Black people getting assaulted at fucking rallies where you’re supposed to talk at. What you need to start doing — all these black people, go together 40, 50 deep. See what they do then.”

“Keep touching us, motherfucker.”

The double standard is prime example of how poorly served that Americans are by a media that is so dishonest and complicit that it would make Joseph Goebbels himself proud. They may not be congregating and scheming in fetid beer halls thanks to today’s technology but it sure as hell doesn’t make these dangerous and violent trouble makers any less Brownshirt than their historical ancestors.