Days before the all-important Florida primary Marco Rubio has finally won his third state – sort of. The prize of the glowing approval of the denizens of America’s imperial kingdom, Washington D.C. has been bestowed upon the angry little Cuban. That Rubio is the choice of voters whose very livelihoods are dependent on the continuing ability of a gargantuan out of control federal government to shake down hapless taxpayers comes as no shock. A vote for Rubio is a vote for permanent war, increased meddling in foreign countries at the expense of letting America go to seed and the surveillance industrial complex. There is no Republican who is more enamored with big government than Prince Marco and that is why he is beloved by the entrenched establishment. All of that rhetoric that Rubio likes to spew about Ronald Reagan and limited government is just a sales pitch for the suckers, other than Queen Hillary there is no candidate that would be better for the growth of the state.

USA Today reports that “Rubio wins Republican Washington, D.C. caucuses”:

Marco Rubio squeaked by Ohio Gov. John Kasich in Saturday night’s Republican presidential caucuses in Washington, D.C., and picked up the most delegates, according to media reports.

The Associated Press called the contest for the Florida senator at 10:02 p.m. ET, the news organization tweeted. NBC News later projected Rubio won the caucuses, picking up 10 delegates and 37% of the vote.

Kasich came at a close second at 36%, followed by businessman Donald Trump at 14% and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz at 12%, according to NBC News.

Kasich will receive nine delegates. None of the other candidates in the race won enough votes to earn any delegates.

Rubio’s communication director, Alex Conant, suggested in a tweet that the results show voters in the nation’s capital are “embracing the future.”

The big score of D.C.’s delegate purse gives Rubio the dubious honor of having two of his three victories in non-states. He romped in Puerto Rico for obvious reasons but the only real state that he has tallied is ultra-liberal Minnesota- the only state that Walter Mondale won in the great Reagan red wave wipeout of 1984. Rubio also did exceptionally well on Super Tuesday in the Virginia primary in areas within commuting distance to our bloated government Gomorrah.

Ohio Governor John Kasich finished second and outsider Donald Trump a distant third which could be expected given the degree of loathing that the gravy train riders have for him.