Republican front-runner Donald Trump is looking to close the gap on sitting Governor John Kasich in Tuesday’s Ohio primary. Kasich, who really has no business still being in the race considering his consistently dismal poll numbers, is expected to make the Buckeye State his last stand. It’s clear that the former Lehman Brothers bankster wasn’t planning for the long game back when the road to the White House began, if so then he would have made sure to have qualified for the Pennsylvania ballot. Trump can go a long way towards putting Kasich out of his misery if he can eke out a win on Tuesday and is hoping that reminding Ohio voters of how he helped to sell them down the river with his support of NAFTA will do the trick.

The Hill reports “Trump blames Kasich for economic collapse, NAFTA”:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Saturday blamed rival John Kasich for the economic collapse and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

“Kasich was a managing director” at Lehman Brothers, Trump said at a rally in Dayton, Ohio, on Saturday.

“He was right in there dealing with the big boys, all the people who dealt the horrible decisions.”

Trump ripped Kasich earlier this week for his time at the investment bank, claiming that the Ohio governor “helped Wall Street predator Lehman Brothers destroy the economy.”

“He voted for NAFTA,” Trump said Saturday. “NAFTA has destroyed New England. … You’ve never recovered completely from it, but you will if I’m elected because I’m bringing those businesses back.”

Trump later called Kasich “not the right guy” for the White House.

He’s not tough enough. He’s not sharp enough,” Trump said. “He’s very weak on illegal immigration. He’s totally in favor of amnesty, which you can never be in favor of. He wants amnesty, he wants it always.”

It would be refreshing to see a career politician be made accountable for one of the biggest screw jobs ever inflicted on the besieged middle class. The state of Ohio has been particularly devastated by the sort of anti-American globalist con jobs that are callously foisted off by Wall Street weasels like Kasich and good on Trump for reminding people of it. Governor Kasich will also plant a dagger in the backs of Ohio workers when it comes time for the great Trans-Pacific Partnership cramdown that Emperor Obama is conspiring with the GOP “leadership” in congress to get passed as a going away present before he leaves office.

The Ohio primary has a prize of 66 delegates after the state GOP changed the rules last year to turn it into a winner take all contest.

Trump has launched a trademark Twitter bombardment on Kasich: