Election loser and self-anointed kingmaker Mitt Romney will hit the campaign trail on behalf of Ohio Governor John Kasich on Monday. This is not a good sign for the “future” of the Republican Party Marco Rubio who according to polls is falling even further behind in his home state of Florida. The Buckeye State is the key to the kingdom and the establishment desperately needs to win there on Tuesday lest calls mount for Governor NAFTA to hang up his banker’s eyeshade. Romney’s ego knows no bounds and his insertion into the race has already backfired when his big anti-Trump speech fell flat with voters.

CNN reports that “Mitt Romney to campaign with John Kasich”:

Mitt Romney is hitting the campaign trail again — barnstorming the Buckeye State with Ohio Gov. John Kasich just days before its pivotal winner-take-all primary.

Romney, who has not endorsed any of the presidential hopefuls, will join Kasich at campaign events in North Canton and Westerville, Ohio, on Monday, according to the Kasich campaign.

The 2012 Republican nominee is making a campaign trail comeback as part of his escalating efforts to prevent Donald Trump from clinching the Republican nomination.

Romney laid out the case against Trump in a high-profile speech earlier this month, in which he called him a “phony” and a “fraud.” Since then Romney has offered to pitch in to help the remaining GOP candidates — Kasich, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz — defeat the billionaire businessman.

“He’s been clear that he believes that Donald Trump is not the best person to represent the Republican Party and will do what he can to support a strong nominee who holds conservative values to win back the White House,” said a source close to Romney. “Governor Romney looks forward to joining Governor Kasich on the trail tomorrow in Ohio.”

The Romney assist in Ohio comes as Trump has sharpened his jabs against Kasich on the campaign trail, labeling him an “absentee governor.”

“We are excited to have Governor Romney join us in Ohio tomorrow,” said Chris Schrimpf, a spokesman for the Kasich campaign. “We believe that Governor Kasich is the best candidate to defeat Donald Trump in Ohio and to defeat Hillary Clinton in November.”

It is imperative to save Kasich now. His place as sitting governor in the state where the GOPe is looking to rig the convention represents the establishment’s new victory strategy. It would make for terrible optics if Trump managed to win Ohio and Kasich stayed in the race blowing a hole in the unity against Trump scam.

As for Prince Marco, he is still waiting by the phone waiting for the call from Jeb!