Other than a nod from Mitt Romney there is no better endorsement for a sea change in the Republican party than one from pickled-liver lush John Boehner. The weeping former Speaker of the House has managed to keep a relatively low profile for months since he was run out of his job on a rail for endless capitulations to Emperor Barack Obama. With the big Ohio primary less than 24 hours away it is all hands on deck for Governor John “NAFTA” Kasich and with Boehner being a career politician from the vicinity of both Cincinnati and Dayton the GOPe is hoping that it will resonate with voters. That is depending of course on whether Mr. Boehner is more popular in his home state than he was nationally where he became a much ridiculed and reviled figure.

The damned liberal New York Times is reporting “John Boehner Endorses Fellow Ohioan John Kasich”:

On Saturday afternoon, John Boehner, the former speaker of the House, posted an image of himself on Instagram pushing a lawnmower and boasting, “My first cut of the year. My grass is perfect!!!!”

That evening, in one of his few public appearances since he resigned from Congress under pressure last year, Mr. Boehner endorsed Gov. John Kasich in Ohio’s Republican primary on Tuesday.

In a low-key speech to the Republican Party of Butler County, meeting here in his hometown, Mr. Boehner avoided any mention of the front-runner for the nomination, Donald J. Trump, nor did he allude to the anti-establishment uprising roiling the party nationally or in Ohio, where Mr. Kasich, despite his popularity, is fighting for his political life.

“I’m not really interested in getting in the middle of all this,’’ Mr. Boehner said. He went on to say that he had voted for Mr. Kasich, casting an early ballot, based on their years of friendship, including 18 years overlapping in Congress.

Mr. Kasich, a two-term governor who enjoys high approval ratings in Ohio, has called out nearly the entire Republican apparatus in the state to support his candidacy.

Mr. Boehner has kept a low profile since he stunned Republicans last year by announcing he would step down from the House, averting a possible government shutdown and breaking with elements of his party that rejected any deals with Democrats.

Paradoxically, the no-compromise wing of the Republican Party helped fuel the rise of Mr. Trump, whose supporters believe that only a total Washington outsider can end government dysfunction.

The irony is classic in having Boehner manning the ramparts to fend off the Trump revolution. While the rise Trump is the result of many different factors, it was the great betrayal of November 2014 that enraged conservatives after they busted their asses to turnout at the polls and provide the GOP with both houses of congress then had to watch as Boehner and Mitch McConnell were put right back into their “leadership” positions. Both immediately reneged on their campaign promises and assumed their positions as foot stools for Obama.

It has not been announced whether Boehner will be joining Mitt Romney and Kasich on the campaign trail.