The seething liberal contempt for free speech is really showing itself this week. Increasingly worried that Republican front-runner Donald Trump may be able to survive the traps that his own party has laid for him to confront Queen Hillary in the election – where he will paste her right in the kisser – some crazy ideas are being floated. One of the latest doozies is that Trump should be locked up for the offense of having energetic- sometimes overly so – crowds at his political rallies. It’s the latest escalation against Trump as well as a chilling look at the sort of totalitarian state that could be just around the corner if the establishment wins.

In a piece published well after Cumberland County, NC authorities declined to charge the candidate for instigating a riot over the now infamous “sucker punch”the liberal website The Daily Beast writes “How Donald Trump Could Go To Jail For Inciting A Riot”:

Donald Trump would not have pledged to pay his supporters’ legal bills if he did not think they risked arrest by assaulting protestors at his rallies.

And he would not think they risked arrest if he did not figure they would be breaking the law.
And that means he was effectively encouraging them to commit a violent crime.

The question is whether Trump was breaking the law in making such a pledge and by explicitly urging his followers to assault protestors at various rallies.

On Sunday, Trump confirmed that he was “looking into” paying the legal bills of 78-year-old John McGraw, who had been arrested for sucker punching a protester at a rally in Fayetteville, Cumberland County, North Carolina.

On Monday, a North Carolina radio station tweeted that “Cumberland authorities consider charging Trump with inciting violence at Fayetteville rally.”

Shortly afterwards, The Daily Beast spoke by telephone with Sgt. Sean Swain, the spokesman for the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office. Swain said that the tweet had arisen from an interview with local WRAL radio.

Swain suggested that his boss, Sheriff Earl “Moose” Butler, had been speaking in the past tense, saying that the office had looked into the possibility of charging Trump.

“It’s just something that we’ve looked at,” Swain said.

Swain suggested that his boss, Sheriff Earl “Moose” Butler, had been speaking in the past tense, saying that the office had looked into the possibility of charging Trump.

“It’s just something that we’ve looked at,” Swain said.

Swain went on to report that the sheriff had examined the applicable North Carolina law and had concluded that Trump’s conduct did not warrant an arrest.

With the article acknowledging that charges wouldn’t be pressed it would seem to be a non-story. Instead it serves to crystallize exactly why the Trump is promoting violence meme is being pushed so hard this week. The radical left – in complicity with  establishment ‘conservatives’ – is perfectly down with pushing for the arrests of those with whom they disagree. We have already seen this authoritarian bent on the University of Missouri campus when leftist professor Melissa Click called for “muscle” to be used against reporters. For those cognizant of history it is right out of Stalinist Russia where political opponents of the communist tyrant were arrested, prosecuted and sent off to the gulags to die.

The Daily Beast piece then goes on to make a case for future efforts to charge Mr. Trump for his free speech:

Trump would seem to be skating at the edge of both inciting a riot and communicating threats. He could find himself in trouble if he spouts off again about a protestors being removed on a stretcher and folks at that particular rally immediately act on his words.

On Thursday, the rapper Tyler the Creator repeatedly urged an overflow crowd at SXSW in Austin, Texas to rush the security barricades, with an imminent result. He was subsequently charged with inciting to riot.

The arresting officer noted in an affidavit that a bartender “was punched by an unknown male to the left side of his face which caused him pain.”

One difference with Donald the Inflator would is that he has encouraged others to break the law even as he is being guarded by cops and Secret Service agents who are sworn uphold it.

There is no question that the political machinery in America circa 2016  is breaking down, such things tend to happen when a country is hijacked and its institutions subverted to be weaponized against the people. The establishment has been badly rattled by Trump’s stirring of the silent majority and it is striking back.