As the sun set on Florida it was for all intents and purposes also setting on the political career of the ambitious but sweaty young Cubano Marco Rubio. As expected, the Trump express roared through the Sunshine State and right over the Miami motor-mouth, leaving him as road kill much to the delight of amnesty opponents everywhere. It may still be premature to write Rubio’s political obituary though, he is on a mission of Churchillian proportions to save the planet from the new “Hitler” and has vowed that he will never quit. Rubio announced that he will be hitting the hustings in Mitt Romney’s holy Mormon stomping grounds of Utah on Wednesday. Rubio’s humiliation on his home turf has to delight John Ellis Bush aka Jeb! who was shanked in the back by his eager young protégé who must have spent many hours waiting by the phone waiting for the endorsement that never came.

The Associated Press is now reporting that “Trump, Clinton triumph in Florida; devastating blow to Rubio”:

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton triumphed Tuesday in Florida’s presidential primaries, capturing the biggest prize on a crucial day of voting and showcasing the strength of the two front-runners. Trump’s victory was a devastating blow to Marco Rubio, all but ending the Florida senator’s White House campaign.

Votes were being counted in Ohio, North Carolina, Missouri and Illinois, but all were too close to call as polls closed.

Republicans were keeping an especially close eye on Ohio, where Trump was locked in a close race with the state’s governor, John Kasich. A victory for the billionaire businessman in Ohio could put him on the clear pathway to the GOP nomination, with few opportunities for his remaining rivals to stop his stunning rise.

In Florida’s winner-take-all Republican primary, he won 99 delegates

The aftermath of the big dog devouring the yappy Chihuahua will be grim for Florida based special interests who were hoping for a windfall with Jebio representing a potent combination to deliver the bacon. But with Rubio sinking and Jeb! out (for now) the desperation has been palpable in many Florida newspapers this week, especially the Tampa Bay Times which has been in the bag for Rubio and ran a pleading editorial on Tuesday that recycled every bit of misinformation and spin put out by the Trump hating national media. The Times implored readers:

Florida voters go to the polls today as American politics has taken its ugliest turn in more than a generation. Donald Trump’s campaign of fear and hate has predictably produced dangerous rallies with violent confrontations and standoffs between supporters and protesters. While opinion polls show Trump ahead here, Republicans who have not yet voted can send a message that this is not what their political party stands for or the change they are seeking in Washington.

But alas it was for naught, the Trump revolution made a stop in the prized Tampa Bay area and planted it’s flag there.

A confident Trump called it well before anyone in the media did.

Now here’s some turd polishing.

Meanwhile results continue to trickle in from other primary states and it’s looking like establishment suicide hotlines will be lighting everywhere outside of the land of Kasich who the media will be touting as the next POTUS starting with Wednesday’s news cycle.