Given the Washington Post’s flagrant disregard for the democrat process when it comes to Republican front-runner Donald Trump it is not exactly earth shaking news that one of the house columnists would be encouraging liberal fascist mobs like the one that broke up the Chicago rally on Friday. No newspaper more exemplifies the moral rottenness of the new American century like the WAPO does. It has been a top cheerleader for an endless series of budget busting foreign wars, anti-American “free” trade sellouts and the legitimization of a political spoils system so corrupt that it more fittingly belongs in a third-world banana republic. Now as the preeminent megaphone for anti-Trump hate-mongering the fishwrap of our imperial city is praising the black militant thugs, aspiring Marxists and Bernie Sanders activists as agents who will increasingly be counted upon to quash free speech.

The latest culprit is Eugene Robinson who writes “Chicago shows Americans will not take Trump’s outrageous nonsense lying down” and I excerpt the following:

Desperate times call for desperate measures. The organized protest in Chicago that led Donald Trump to cancel a planned rally Friday may someday be remembered as the dawn of the resistance.

Trump has fueled his campaign’s rise with the angriest and most divisive political rhetoric this nation has heard since the days of George Wallace. No one should be surprised if some of those Trump has slandered or outraged respond with raised voices.

The Constitution’s guarantee of free speech applies to everyone, Trumpistas and protesters alike. Trump said over the weekend that he wants demonstrators who gate-crash his rallies to be arrested, not just ejected; he vows that “we’re pressing charges” against them. Someone should educate him: Peacefully disapproving of a politician and his dangerous ideas is not a crime.

Trump seems not to understand that demonstrators have the legal right to protest — and that a candidate for president of the United States has no countervailing right not to be protested. I’m talking about nonviolent demonstrations, of course — but nonviolent does not necessarily mean quiet, timid or small.

It is a particularly onerous bit of journalistic chicanery that’s being pawned off by Mr. Robinson here. Under the pretense of defending “free speech” he is slyly advocating for organized – and ultimately violent – mobs to invade American political rallies and act as Nazi brownshirts or vintage communists once did to crush opposition.

Robinson goes on:

But what no one fully realized until too late was that the crowd had been infiltrated by hundreds of highly organized protesters. As this circumstance became clear to Trump’s supporters, tension mounted. The demonstrators held their ground, knowing they had as much right to be there as anyone else.

Aware that the demonstrators would do something but unsure of what that might be, Trump canceled the event. Announcement of the decision drew a big cheer from the protesters — and a howl of frustration from Trump supporters, who expressed their displeasure with epithets and shoving. Three people were injured in the skirmishes that ensued.

Trump later groused that “troublemakers” and “thugs” had violated his free-speech rights. But consider what he tells his audiences: Mexican immigrants are rapists, foreign Muslims should be barred from entering the country, the United States should reinstitute torture for terrorism suspects and “go after” their families. He has the absolute right to say these things. But those who believe in the hallowed American values of openness, tolerance, decency and the rule of law have the absolute right to say “No!”

And closes with…

Protests show the growing strength of popular opposition to Trump. They may not embolden Republicans to take their party back at the convention in Cleveland. But vivid displays of outrage might help energize voters to come out and reject Trump in November. That might be the last line of defense.

There has been much play since Monday over trying to goad authorities into charging Trump with inciting a riot – notably in the Washington Post itself – and it should be pointed out that Robinson is doing exactly that.