Liberal activist group is joining a massive bipartisan push to deny Donald Trump the Republican nomination. The move by the organization which serves as an arm of the Democratic Party is a sign of the mounting concerns that Trump would pulverize Queen Hillary in the general election. Mrs. Clinton’s latest big primary wins should go a long ways towards putting the Dem nomination solidly in her clutches and even the most blinded Bernie Sanders utopians should be starting to get the idea that their guy is for all intents and purposes finished outside of whatever riots that they can organize to bust up the campaign events of the GOP front-runner. Now the bipartisan strategy shifts to throwing everything that they can at Trump who again won big on Tuesday.

Reuters reports that “Liberal groups urge non-violent movement to stop Trump”:

U.S. liberal groups, divided in their support of Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, have urged a united, active opposition to Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner.

In an open letter released on Tuesday, a group of liberal organizations called for a “non-violent movement” to thwart Trump’s candidacy for November’s general election, calling the New York billionaire a “hate-peddling bigot who openly incites violence.”

“This is a five-alarm fire for our democracy,” said the letter, which was signed by the leaders of the liberal advocacy group, a supporter of Sanders, and the Service Employees International Union, a major labor union that is backing Clinton.

Representatives of 20 other groups signed the letter, which was published online as Americans in five states voted in the latest round of primary contests to pick party nominees for the Nov. 8 election.

Trump has alarmed many in America, not just liberals, with his campaign rhetoric, from calling Mexican immigrants rapists and drug dealers to his proposal to ban Muslims temporarily from entering the United States.

Protests have become a recurring, noisy feature at Trump’s rallies and in recent days, tensions have risen sharply as a few of Trump’s mostly white supporters have punched or bloodied protesters, many of whom are black or Latino, in scuffles in or outside campaign venues.

The open letter urged Americans to use tactics familiar from the civil-rights movement to oppose Trump, including large public marches and prayer vigils. It told Americans to ask “every media outlet, corporation, and office-holder” whether they will condemn what the letter described as Trump’s “racism, misogyny and xenophobia.”

The letter also called for efforts to increase voter turn-out in November, hoping to beat Trump if he becomes the Republican nominee.

The establishment understands that the coming brokered Republican convention is going to be a very bitter pill to swallow when they screw Trump and alienate his supporters in Cleveland. Such a thing could very well lead to the candidate launching a third party run that will draw from voters disgusted with the corrupt establishments of both major parties. Being that she is as unpopular as a festering anal cyst to millions of Americans it is never too soon for Hillary to mobilize the substantial array of forces at her disposal.