Republican front-runner Donald Trump finally did the right thing by refusing to appear in the latest Fox News ambush debate. It turns out that the gladiatorial contest in Detroit where Fox moderators gleefully assisted the Cuban hit team of Rubio and Cruz and allowed Megyn Kelly to engage in an extended prosecution over Trump University was enough for the Donald. On Wednesday Trump told the blatantly biased establishment network that he had better things to do or in implied terms to stick it where the sun don’t shine. Ohio Governor John Kasich – who spent the day being crowned as the GOP savior – shortly followed causing Fox to cancel their sordid affair altogether.

The Washington Post reports that “Fox’s GOP debate canceled after Trump and Kasich back out”:

Fox News canceled its upcoming Republican presidential debate after contenders Donald Trump and John Kasich backed out.

Kasich, the Ohio governor, said he would join the event only with the participation of GOP front-runner Trump, who on Wednesday morning said he planned to skip the Monday debate in Salt Lake City because he already had plans to deliver a “very major speech” on the same day.

“I’m making a very major speech in front of a very important group of people,” Trump said on “Fox & Friends,” later confirming that the remarks will be delivered before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Trump said his speech at the powerful lobbying group’s conference in Washington “was scheduled a while ago.”

AIPAC invited all presidential candidates to speak, but only Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton are listed as speakers so far.

Fox said it canceled the debate after Trump and Kasich backed out.

It seems a bit bizarre that Kasich would pull out as the event would have provided him with loads of national face time where he could have made his case for the nomination – having only won one state you would think that he would seize the day to do so. Then again it’s not really that strange at all when one realizes that nobody at Fox gives a rat’s ass about Governor NAFTA’s message – the sole purpose of the debate was to attack and smear Trump – just like the last time. Besides, Kasich is already setting his sights on July’s brokered convention and will get plenty of help from Fox and the other corporate media shops on the way to the big stage at Quicken Loans Arena.

At this point Trump has absolutely nothing to gain by continuing to participate in the ridiculous farce of the so-called debates – especially after the shitshow that Fox rolled out the last time that they were the hosts. Sucks for Fox that they can’t continue to milk the cash cow that is Trump but as the saying goes – live by the sword, die by the sword.