Cyber anarchist group Anonymous has joined in the global war on Trump. The leftist hacker collective has targeted the billionaire iconoclast as the odds of him surviving GOP establishment efforts to sabotage his campaign seem to be failing badly and while a brokered convention is on the horizon it may backfire horribly. The last week has seen an uptick in anti-Trump activity by those normally affiliated with the Democratic party, starting with hordes of Brownshirts and wanna be commie Bernie supporters busting up a Trump rally in Chicago last Friday. Anonymous has previously taken up the cause of Islamist rabble during the Arab Spring and militant black activists after the shooting of Michael “Gentle Giant” Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

CNN Money reports that “Anonymous says it’s hacking Trump”:

Members of hacking collective, Anonymous, have a new target: they’re taking aim at Donald Trump.

Hackers posted what they’re alleging to be Trump’s cell phone number and social security number. CNNMoney cannot independently verify this information.

The information, posted on a popular site for Anonymous leaks, also includes phone numbers, home addresses, and other personal information associated with people close to Trump, including his spokesperson, campaign manager and family members.

CNNMoney called one of the numbers from the leaked info that was listed as Trump’s family member. The person who answered confirmed his connection to Trump.

A Trump representative said officials are “seeking the arrest of the people responsible for attempting to illegally hack Mr. Trump’s accounts and telephone information.”

The info posted online also includes information regarding Trump’s website infrastructure and encourages hackers to take action on April 1st.

Over the last few weeks, members who identify as part of Anonymous have posted a video condemning Trump.

“You say what your current audience wants to hear but in reality you don’t stand for anything except for greed and power,” the video proclaims, calling on people watching to take down Trump’s website and “dismantle his brand.”

Anonymous is a loosely collected group. Some members say they don’t approve of the YouTube uploader who initially posted the video condemning Trump. Regardless, #OpTrump is gaining traction.

One member of anonymous told CNN the operation is for “lulz,” a term associated with hacking for fun. “We aren’t stating that we can stop Trump,” the member told CNNMoney. “This operation is basically just to play around with him with some hacking in between.”

This type of gathering and posting of personal information is the first step of an attack, security expert David Kennedy told CNNMoney, saying it’s likely the group could take down Trump’s websites or try to hack information relating to his businesses.

Now the cyber thugs are looking to involve themselves in a legitimate political process which represents an entirely new playing field for them. If the actions spread to Trump’s businesses as expected then it will cross the line into what the US government refers to as “cyberterrorism”. It will be interesting to see if the Obama regime will react with the same furor that it did when the Democrats’ Hollywood cronies were compromised during the Sony hacking in 2014 but for some reason it’s hard to believe that it will.