Ted Cruz shill Glenn Beck has been unraveling for weeks as he watches the chances to stop the Trump juggernaut shy of this July’s convention dwindle. The pudgy, bespectacled radio host who resembles a Keebler elf has urged his listeners to go on a hunger strike for Cruz and has been spewing frantic hyperbole that the republic itself is in danger. Now Beck has resorted to flogging Trump as a woman abuser which is the latest establishment line of attack after Fox News blasted the billionaire outsider over his ongoing feud with sexpot Megyn Kelly.

Politico reports that “Glenn Beck: Trump ‘abuses’ women, should grow up”:

Glenn Beck says Americans are unable to stop Donald Trump because the nation suffers from “battered spouse syndrome.”

“We no longer know who we really are, many have given up and a few are about to light the bed on fire,” the former Fox News host wrote in a lengthy Facebook post, an open letter to the Republican front-runner.

The post comes in the days following Trump’s string of tweets criticizing Fox News host Megyn Kelly and characterizing her as an “overrated” reporter. Beck defends Kelly as “brilliant, honest, and brave,” and asks Trump to grow up.

The dubious decision to rally round Kelly has already been tried and failed back during Menstruation-gate and it’s unlikely to work this time either. That is unless one considers that the phony “War on Women” is to be an integral piece of the Hillary Clinton campaign as well as down ticket Democrat races. Beck is essentially campaigning for Mrs. Clinton at this point and he is far from the only Republican doing it.