Liberal grievance mongers are weeping and gnashing their teeth today over a new North Carolina law that has rolled back the creeping plague of forced diversity in Obamastan. The state’s General Assembly moved with lightning fast speed on Wednesday to ram through a bill that effectively stops the invasion of women’s restrooms by transgender individuals – chicks with dicks – that makes many uncomfortable and could be an open invitation to sexual predators. It’s one thing to back gay rights and same sex marriage but at some point the line needs to be drawn over what many find to be creepy or even sexually perverse people to whom being gay just isn’t enough and they won’t go that extra step to just slice it off. The NC law is a rare victory in the culture wars for besieged social conservatives who have been subjected to the government mandating folks to accept things that violate their sincere and deeply held religious beliefs. North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory affixed his signature to the bill that effectively invalidated Charlotte’s ultra-liberal LGBT protection law and sent Democrats and social justice warriors into fits of fury.

Among those weighing in on the new law is everyone’s favorite Black Lives Matter activist and New York Daily News columnist Shaun King who has taken a break from race-baiting to try his hand at gay-baiting. In his latest screed entitled “I’m boycotting North Carolina until the ‘most anti-LGBT bill in the country’ is repealed” Mr. King huffs and puffs that:

In one fell swoop, North Carolina politicians held a special session on Wednesday in which they created, passed and signed into law a wide-ranging bill that invalidates a host of legal protections for LGBT individuals statewide.

Some are calling it the “most anti-LGBT bill in the country.”

Understanding that a protracted public debate on the bill would likely create a PR nightmare, elected officials in North Carolina crammed the entire process into a single day — presumably with the belief that it would save them from a fate like that of Georgia, where companies including Disney and the NFL are now threatening consequences if the governor signs a similar bill into law.

It won’t.

Whereas Georgia Governor Nathan Deal still has the power to veto the bill or send it back to the state house for important revisions, North Carolina has made a tremendous miscalculation in rushing it through in one day.

It’s likely corporations will begin announcing statewide boycotts as early as this afternoon as word begins to trickle out about what North Carolina has done.

Let me give this issue some context.

The current governor of North Carolina is a Republican named Pat McCrory. He was the mayor of Charlotte for a record 14 years until 2009 and served on the city council there before that.

The current mayor of Charlotte is a Democrat named Jennifer Roberts.

Earlier this year, Charlotte passed legislation protecting many different basic human rights of LGBT individuals. One of those rights, the ability for a transgender individual to use a public restroom of the gender they identify with, became a lightning rod statewide. The protections — including that restroom clause — were scheduled to take effect April 1.

Ultimately, this new North Carolina law is hateful. The government should always protect all of its citizens from discrimination but what they’ve done instead is strip basic human rights from LGBT individuals in their state.

I’m disgusted and I’ll never travel to North Carolina again as long as this law is in place.

It’s doubtful that a lot of North Carolina residents will care whether the yappy activist King boycotts the state or not and for all of his tantrum throwing over the racist treatment of his hero – Super Bowl loser Cam Newton who according to King was unfairly lynched by the media– it’s probably even money that the dab-dancing Carolina Panthers quarterback couldn’t give a rat’s ass either. Mr. King was joined by notable liberal luminaries including doomed Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders who said that “This law has no place in America”. Queen Hillary hasn’t officially weighed in yet but since she already won the North Carolina primary it’s not as though she is overly concerned about harvesting votes in the state. She is however going to be appearing on celebrity cross-dresser Bruce Caitlyn Jenner’s show “I Am Cait” which is scheduled to air on Easter Sunday.