Former RNC operative Liz Mair is going batshit after drawing heavy flak over an extremely distasteful pro-Cruz attack ad featuring nude pictures of Melania Trump. Mair who runs the super PAC “Make America Awesome” has faced a counterattack from Trump supporters and is wailing about taking legal action. It’s a perfect example of the unintended consequences of a futile and stupid act but par for the course for a longtime establishment lickspittle like Mair.

Conservative website Breitbart News reports “Head of Anti-Trump PAC Threatens Criminal Charges Against Trump Supporters”:

The head of an anti-Donald Trump super PAC threatens on Twitter to file criminal charges against Trump supporters.

Liz Mair, founder of the anti-Trump PAC Make America Awesome, is under fire after launching an ad in Utah depicting First Lady candidate Melania Trump, a model, posing nude, and encouraging people to vote for Sen. Ted Cruz. Mair’s ad was attacked by the establishment media for “slut-shaming” Melania Trump. Mair has been defending her ad, saying that she doesn’t care if Melania posed for photo shoots but that Mormons in Utah probably would.

Now Mair claims that “Trumpkins” are calling Mair’s mother on the phone.

While if Mair’s accusations that some overly zealous “Trumpkins” are calling her mother are true it would be truly unfortunate but it was Mair who first chose to go after family members and what’s sauce for the goose is likewise for the gander. Go tell it to the anti-Trump idiot who sent letters with white powder to Trump’s son and sister after being egged on by Mair and her ilk. The mercenary media has been blasting the Republican front-runner for threatening to drag Cruz’s Goldman Sachs executive wife into the scrum but fails to provide background on who started this increasingly ugly pissing match in the first place.

Ms. Mair deserves to be deluged with whatever nastiness that Trump supporters can muster for her despicable ad but they should take the high road and keep her family out of it.