Establishment Anti-Trump forces are pre-positioning in the Badger State to deal a crushing blow to the Republican front-runner. America’s dairyland is the home of Speaker Paul Ryan, the man wanted by many to be crowned as the nominee at this summer’s brokered convention and the party elite has a heavy presence there. Wisconsin is also the stomping grounds of failed presidential candidate Scott Walker who is a puppet of the Trump hating billionaire Koch Brothers and will dutifully play his part in erecting the firewall between the Donald and the GOP nomination. Stopping Trump there will all but guarantee that he will be headed into hostile territory in Cleveland lacking the magic number of 1,237 delegates and ripe for the big screw job that the party elite is planning when they steal the nomination from him and Governor John Kasich mobilizes the Ohio National Guard to put down supporters who dare to protest.

According to the Washington Post in the story “‘Stop Trump’ forces see an opportunity in Scott Walker’s Wisconsin”:

Tonight, when Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) kicks off his campaign for Wisconsin’s April 5 presidential primary, he will head to conservative Waukesha County and talk with a conservative radio host. There’s a reason for that. In a typical day here, in the suburbs of Milwaukee, Republicans can spin their radio dials and have their pick of anti-Donald Trump commentary.

“What’s up with the orange or red face paint?” asks WISN’s Jay Weber.

“Trump’s followers don’t even monitor politics,” says WISN’s Vicki McKenna.

“The GOP’s current dumpster fire was set and largely fueled by some national talk show hosts who have decided that their infatuation with Donald Trump overrode their commitment to conservative principles,” writes WTMJ’s Charlie Sykes, who will be interviewing Cruz at Wednesday night’s event.

Wisconsin, home to the speaker of the House, the Republican National Committee chairman and a local GOP that has dismantled parts of postwar liberalism, has become the Masada of the “Stop Trump” movement. In the next 13 days, it is expected to absorb millions of dollars in anti-Trump ads, including at least $2 million from the Club for Growth, which officially endorsed Cruz this week. There is pressure on Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wis.) to endorse Cruz before the primary. And Cruz is hinting that he will barnstorm the state as Kasich and Trump look eastward.

“Ted sends his regards,” Cruz’s wife, Heidi, told campaign volunteers at the first of three suburban Milwaukee stops on Wednesday. “We’re going to be in this state from now through the election.”


“There’s kind of a fundamental decency about Wisconsinites that you can’t downplay,” Sykes said Tuesday night, poking at a salad at a Ozaukee County supper club. “We’ve never had a huge division between the tea party and the establishment. We’ve got think tanks and radio talk shows that have been through the fire and are really intellectually driven. And you don’t get that elsewhere. I was driving here listening to Sean Hannity, and after 15 seconds, I could feel myself getting dumber.”

Cruz’s legislative allies in Wisconsin make the same argument, saying that better-informed voters, who have been activated through tight elections and recall contests, are going to turn on Trump.

Walker is expected to formally endorse Cruz very soon as Jeb! did on Wednesday, it’s all-in now to deprive him of the magic number and with the stacked deck in Wisconsin it may be the last chance to swing the media narrative to shift the momentum. The schedule then becomes increasingly hostile to a guy who often resembles a tent preacher wholly dependent on hornswoggling religious voters with a trip to New York – where Cruz has already alienated many by trashing the state – as well as the rust belt states decimated by the foreign trade deals that Trump opposes. Wisconsin incidentally is also home to RNC boss Reince Priebus who is desperately seeking his own way to escape the Trump trap.

The Wisconsin Primary will be held on April 5.