The next battleground in the war on Trump will take place in the land of cheddar, beer and bratwurst that is the great state of Wisconsin. The establishment is pouring every resource available into the state in an effort to inflict great damage on the GOP’s own front-runner and it is imperative that the Trump express be derailed in order to block him at this summer’s brokered convention. The crony capitalist front group the Club for Growth or as Mike Huckabee called it – the Club for Greed – is spending big bucks on a  negative ad buy and Cruz is already on the ground there where he will be able to draw on the influence of powerful Wisconsinites Reince Priebus, Paul Ryan and Governor Scott Walker. Walker was once considered a strong candidate for 2016 but inexplicably dropped out of the race early on. It could be however that he is planning a big reappearance – possibly as the candidate of choice who emerges from the melee in Cleveland this summer.

Walker appears to be at least testing the waters for a presidential bid as reported by Politico in the story “Scott Walker: Open convention likely to pick ‘someone who’s not currently running’”:

None of the remaining Republican presidential candidates is likely to emerge as the nominee from a contested convention in July, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Thursday.

While Donald Trump has a 274-delegate lead over Ted Cruz in his pursuit to 1,237, the Republican front-runner still needs to win nearly 500 more delegates to secure a majority and the nomination outright. Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who has only won a single state thus far and has just 143 delegates, has maintained no one will head to Cleveland with 1,237, which would free delegates in most states to vote for any eligible candidate after the first ballot is cast.

“I think if it’s an open convention, it’s very likely [the nominee] would be someone who’s not currently running,” Walker said Thursday, according to

Speaking to reporters after signing a bill, the former presidential candidate, who dropped out in September, cautioned that many prognostications for this election cycle have been wrong.

“I mean, who knows. The one thing I qualify — it’s like the qualifications you see on those ads you see for car dealerships,” Walker said. “I think any of us who comments on this election [has] to qualify that almost every prediction’s been off, so it’s hard to predict anything.”

This could be bad news for Cruz who despite his recent hubris has never been the apple of the establishment’s eye either – the intention is to screw him at the convention too. The ugly fracus between Cruz and Trump that has now drawn each other’s wives into the fray is not going over well with the bigwigs because it just looks bad and is a turnoff to voters. One prominent backer of Cruz out of a marriage of necessity to beat Trump – South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham – already appears to be having buyer’s remorse. The Palmetto State princess just executed a flip-flop by saying that John Kasich would be a better president than Cruz. The more cynical might be inclined to wonder whether the establishment’s preferred plan is to pit Trump and Cruz against each other in the hope that they will batter themselves to a pulp and allow someone like Romney or Walker to waltz away with the nomination.