Instead of treating Easter as a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, a good number of Mexican haters have hijacked the occasion in order to burn Donald Trump in effigy. To say that the GOP front-runner is not a popular figure south of our porous border is a huge understatement given Trump’s hard line on illegal aliens with their eyes set on American jobs and social services funded by the U.S. taxpayers. The idea of a crackdown on the creeping brown invasion as well as his insistence that he would make the failed narco state pay for a wall along the border has earned Trump the eternal hostility of most Mexicans including former president Vicente Fox who has refused to pay for “that fucking wall”. So it was with much festiveness and probably more than a good amount of tequila that the Mexicans lit Trump up during Saturday night Easter rituals.

Reuters reports that “Mexicans burn Donald Trump effigies in Easter ritual”:

Mexicans celebrating an Easter ritual late on Saturday burnt effigies of U.S. Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, whose anti-immigrant views have sparked outrage south of the American border.

In Mexico City’s poor La Merced neighborhood, hundreds of cheering residents yelled “death” and various insults as they watched the explosion of the grinning papier-mâché mock-up of the real estate tycoon, replete with blue blazer, red tie and his trademark tuft of blond hair.

Media reported that Trump effigies burned across Mexico, from Puebla to Mexico’s industrial hub Monterrey.

The burning is part of a widespread Mexican Holy Week tradition where neighborhoods burn effigies to represent Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus Christ according to the Bible. The effigies are often modeled on unpopular political figures.

“Since he started his campaign and began talking about immigrants, Mexico, and Mexicans, I said ‘I’ve got to get this guy,'” said Felipe Linares, the artisan who crafted Trump and whose family has been making Judases for more than 50 years.

Trump, the front-runner to win the Republican nomination for the Nov. 8 election, has drawn fire in Mexico with his campaign vow to build a wall along the southern U.S. border to keep out illegal immigrants and drugs, and to make Mexico pay for it.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has said his country will not pay for the wall and likened Trump’s “strident tone” to the ascent of dictators like Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

Trump, who has also aroused concern among many in his own party with his proposals, has accused Mexico of sending rapists and drug runners across the border and vowed to increase fees on some Mexican visas and all border crossing cards to help make Mexico pay for the wall.

The mercenary media is always ready to accuse Trump supporters of acting like Nazis, bigots, thugs and committing hate crimes with lightning fast speed so it’s unlikely that the widespread burning of Trump in effigy won’t be condemned – rather it will be celebrated. Just imagine what would happen if it was a replica of Emperor Barack Obama instead – the howls of outrage would be as deafening as they would be plentiful. But there is always a double standard in the global war on Trump.