In the past two weeks both the sister and son of Republican front-runner Donald Trump received mysterious letters containing a white powder which marked a dangerous escalation in the war on Trump. The letters followed an increase in unruly protesters at Trump events including one who lunged at the candidate onstage during a Dayton, Ohio rally prior to the big state primary. Now in an ominous sign of exactly how the establishment feels about Trump a tombstone with his name on it appeared in New York City’s Central Park over the weekend. It is no coincidence that the spike in anti-Trump hatred has come after the establishment media’s smears of the candidate have become more vitriolic in nature and border on inciting violence, something that you get the idea would please a lot of people if acted upon.

As reported by the New York CBS affiliate “‘Made America Hate Again’: Donald Trump Tombstone Erected In Central Park”:

A Donald Trump tombstone was erected in Central Park over the weekend.

According to Gothamist, the tombstone was put up in the middle of the park over the weekend. It is not known who put the tombstone up.

The tombstone reads “Made America Hate Again.”

“There were people taking pictures which is why I stopped,” Annie Reiss told Gothamist. “It was definitely provocative, strange for Easter morning.”

The Department of Parks and Recreation told CBS2 that the headstone has been removed from the site.

Last year, the Republican presidential front-runner was considering putting a 548-grave cemetery at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster.

Trump had initially planned his final resting place at the golf course, but said he wanted to be buried in Florida instead.

While dismissed as a “prank” the tombstone is indicative of an swirling undercurrent of anti-Trump sentiment that exists in America right now. Trump supporters have been stigmatized as racists and worse as the establishment continues to pour gasoline on the fire on a daily basis. It’s like George Orwell’s “Hate Week” on any given day and sooner or later an unstable individual looking to make history is going to act out.

Conservative website Breitbart News adds some additional detail regarding the Trump tombstone in the story “Donald Trump Tombstone Appears in Central Park as Online Threats Continue”:

As Breitbart News has reported, while the media and even other Republicans have castigated Trump for “violence,” in fact the calls for Trump’s death have gone unpunished on social media sites like Twitter.

The following tweets are just a sample from the last 24 hours:

I think I’m gonna assassinate Donald Trump

— ₆⁶₆ (@Inuyashiha) March 27, 2016

im going to hire someone on the deep web to assassinate donald trump

— fat cube head™ (@IovegIow) March 27, 2016

@FaZeBlaziken 10 likes and I will assassinate trump

— Adam Gomez (@kingprimoLoL) March 27, 2016

@patrickfoster Personally, I can’t understand why there isn’t a Kickstarter to assassinate Trump, yet.

— Eric Karjaluoto (@karj) March 27, 2016

Meanwhile, an Assassinate Donald Trump page has been reposted on Facebook. The page’s creator said that they don’t personally plan to kill Mr. Trump, but they believe it “should be done”.

Trump had better hope that his Secret Service detail stays focused because the anger is only growing as the establishment continues to instigate people with a daily saturation bombing of anti-Trump bile. It’s like Joseph Stalin once famously remarked: “Death solves all problems, no man, no problem”.