If Republican front-runner Donald Trump manages to survive what has been an unprecedented, no holds barred media carpet bombing then he is truly invincible. A full blown establishment mobilization is well underway to destroy Trump in the hostile territory of Wisconsin and for the first time it looks like his armor has been pierced and that he is bleeding. Trump has been rolling for so long now that the political elite has abandoned any pretense of fairness and bet the house on depriving him of the necessary delegates to win the nomination outright, choosing instead the gambit of throwing the whole mess into a brokered convention this summer in Cleveland. This week’s media onslaught alone has been one of breathtaking intensity and there have been no friendlies defending Trump – that is outside of the venerable old warrior Pat Buchanan who despite his advancing years has lost none of his trademark feistiness.

Buchanan’s call is to “Lock Out the Establishment in Cleveland!” and he lets it rip in his latest column:

The Wisconsin primary could be an axle-breaking speed bump on Donald Trump’s road to the nomination.

Ted Cruz, now the last hope to derail Trump of a desperate Beltway elite that lately loathed him, has taken the lead in the Badger State.

Millions in attack ads are being dumped on the Donald’s head by super PACs of GOP candidates, past and present. Gov. Scott Walker has endorsed Cruz. Conservative talk radio is piling on Trump.

And the Donald just had the worst two weeks of his campaign.

There was that unseemly exchange with Cruz about their wives. Then came the pulling of the woman reporter’s arm by campaign chief Corey Lewandowski, an atrocity being liken by the media to the burning of Joan of Arc.

Then there was Trump’s suggestion, instantly withdrawn, that if abortion is outlawed, then women who undergo abortions may face some punishment.

This gaffe told us nothing we did not know. New to elective politics, Trump is less familiar with the ideological and issues terrain than those who live there. But the outrage of the elites is all fakery.

Democrats do not care a hoot about the right to life of unborn babies, even unto the ninth month of pregnancy. And the Republican establishment is grabbing any stick to beat Trump, not because he threatens the rights of women, but because he threatens them.

The former trusted aide to both Nixon and Reagan sees the big screw job at the convention coming and he implores not only Trump and his supporters but also Ted Cruz to somehow find common cause in thwarting the plans to gift the nomination to either John Kasich or Paul Ryan.

Buchanan continues:

Cruz says the nomination of Trump would mean an “absolute trainwreck” in November. But, Cruz, 45, with a future in the party, would be foolish to walk out as a sore loser, as Nelson Rockefeller and George Romney did in 1964.

A Cruz rejection of a nominee Trump would mean the end of Cruz. The elites would hypocritically applaud Ted’s heroism, publicly bewail his passing, then happily bury and be rid of him.

Cruz, no fool, has to know this.

If the nomination is taken from Trump, who will be 70 in June, he has nothing to lose. And as “Julius Caesar” reminds us, “such men are dangerous.”

Trump and Cruz, though bitter enemies, are both despised by the establishment. Yet both have a mutual interest: insuring that one of them, and only one of them, wins the nomination. No one else.

And if they set aside grievances, and act together, they can block any establishment favorite from being imposed on the party, as was one-worlder Wendell Willkie, “the barefoot boy of Wall Street,” in 1940.

All Trump and Cruz need do is instruct their delegates to vote to retain Rule 40 from the 2012 convention. Rule 40 declares that no candidate can be placed in nomination who has failed to win a majority of the delegates in eight states.

Trump has already hit that mark. Cruz almost surely will. But no establishment favorite has a chance of reaching it.

With Cruz and Trump delegates voting to retain Rule 40, they can guarantee no Beltway favorite walks out of Cleveland as the nominee — and that Ted Cruz or Donald Trump does.

No matter who wins in Cleveland, the establishment must lose.

The establishment wants Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena to be a slaughterhouse for the insurgents, instead they should turn the tables and turn it into the establishment’s Waterloo.